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Sleeping Position(s)

Just wondered if anyone with a bit more experience could advise me on sleeping positions. I'm not at the point where I feel uncomfortable sleeping on my sides or back, but I have read how I shouldn't be sleeping on my back at all, and I shouldn't really sleep on my right either, and just stick to my left side.

I usually start on my left (mainly because DH is downstairs when I go to sleep and I prefer to face the door when I'm in the room alone). However either, if I can't get comfortable that way or if/when DH comes up and I usually wake, I then turn over to my right and go back to sleep, and stay there for several hours (usually until about 4/5am), then turn back to my left.

I rarely sleep on my back although I have woken up on it a couple of times recently.

Anyway, I'm more concerned over whether sleeping on my right is causing any problems. Trouble is I just tend to turn over when I wake up as I find a different position sends me back to sleep.

I'm 19 weeks tomorrow so not sure if I need to be worrying yet, or if it's something I need to worry about later on. I am looking into getting a sleeping pillow when I feel I'm going to start needing it, but at the moment I don't feel any bigger or different than before I was pregnant! (Only put on 1lb and stomach is just firmer, I don't think it's bigger! Am just round to start with!).

Any advice appreciated :)
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I would try not to intentionally sleep on your back now because of the compression on the blood vessels , But I have woken up and been sleeping on my back, and had no ill effects at all. When your asleep I guess you can't help it!

I sleep on both my right and left sides as this is most comfortable for me now, and I find I change too and fro throughout the night.

I would defiantly recommend a long pillow, it has helped me so much during he night. I usually tuck it between my thighs and knees and rest my baby tummy on it, which releases some tension from my back. Worth every penny!

Lately I have been folding it in half and propping my self up on it in bed and have fallen asleep for hours in a semi-sitting position which had been really comfortable when my hips ache from laying on them.

I would now just try staying away from sleeping on your back but give any other position a whirl!
Hi Sarah, like mummytummy says lying on your back for a length of time should be avoided after 16 weeks, the weight of your baby puts pressure on the main artery in your abdomen and can cause dizzyness and fainting and also means the baby's blood supply is not as it should be. If you are concerned that you are lying on your back whilst asleep it may be worth investing in a v pillow so your head would be in the middle and you would have half the pillow behind you so you wouldn, t be able to roll onto your back whilst asleep. As for lying on your left side, this apparantly encourages the baby into the correct position but it is not essential and you don't really need to worry about this until after about 25 weeks when your baby will start to settle into a position it cannot easily move out of as it will be filling the space. I can't recommend pregnancy pillows enough though, I have a 5ft one from ebay and I can't sleep without it. HTH.
Thanks both. I rarely wake up on my back as I always used to suffer with lower back pain if I slept on my back, so luckily it's not a major worry. My main concern was just whether sleeping on my right hand side was okay. One site I've read says it can still restrict blood, just not so much as on your back (because the vein runs up the right side of your spine), another site I read just mentioned about bile moving about (must admit, I can get a hit of mild heartburn on turning over at times).

Jo, I bookmarked the ebay site for that pillow so I'll be getting one of those delivered when I get around to buying one!
I just looked it up and you are right, I have always been told about the positioning of the baby? Well you learn something new as they say, take a look at the link.
Pregnancy and Sleep
It probably/possibly helps with the positioning too I'm sure. It's probably one of those things that changes as they research more into it. A bit like what you should and shouldn't eat and how the list can change slightly from year to year.

I've got the NHS pregnancy book a friend lent me, which she would have got late 2007, and it doesn't mention how you can eat rare steaks in there, yet the one I got in June does (which I was over joyed about, not a rare steak, just one that's not wrecked ie. well done!). :)
I usually sleep on my right and only change to my left when I get too uncomfortable. After this thread yesterday I went to sleep on my left, did turn over to my right for a short time and then back to my left, so overall spent more time on my left. I don't know whether it was a coincidence but I did feel less puffy this am. So will try to sleep more on my left from now on ;)
Ooo glad to hear this thread possibly helped a bit! I remember reading how it said you could retain fluid more in your feet, legs and ankles too if you slept in the wrong position. I'm not suffering with that yet and hoping, as my third trimester will be in the colder months, I won't suffer so badly, but I am trying to get into the habit of staying more on my left.

I think once I get support pillows it'll be more faffing just to turn over so I'll just stick to one side!


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Hubby has currently been kicked out of the marital bed because i take so much damn space turning over and because of my spd i have to do it on a regular basis so i'm not in pain. I don't lay on my back at all anymore but switch from one side to the other. If you're worried about fluid retention in your ankles you can put a cushion underneath them whilst sleeping to keep them a bit more elevated. I generally sleep on my side with the duvet tucked underneath bump and inbetween my legs as this makes me more comfortable. This is my forth pregnancy and i've never found the need for support pillows, normal ones do just as well. Hope you manage to stay comfortable. xx
I agree you can make yourself comfortable with normal pillows, this is my 5th pregnancy and had SPD in my last two and now suffer with it as a chronic condition. My DH bought me my pillow this time as a treat and I have to say that I love it. It only cost around 17.oo inc del and pillowcase, its 5ft long and is fantastic. Not only do I use it in bed but I also use it on the sofa, it can be used as a V or folded to elevate your feet etc its fab. So although they are not a necessity I would def recommend one around this price range.

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