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slendertone arms

i've just invested in a slendertone arms garment to go with my abs thingy, and have a quick question for those that already have one.... should my fingers be tingling and curling up too? even when i have it on quite a low-ish setting, it makes my little fingers contract too!! i've tried it in loads of different positions and it dunt make a difference! oowweeee :eek:
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Yep mine always did and it was the most difficult of all the belts x
in a way then thats ok, i just thought i was doing something wrong! its definately a killer though... did you see much of a difference when you used it?
Yes i could definately see more definition in my arms so keep going xx
well judging from you're pics, you're skin looks great! thanks for your help! :)
I dont get curly fingers but definitely get weird contractions down my arms - I can get it up to level 50 now - im going to gym also to tone my arms - tricep dips are brilliant to do as well - if you use the slendertone before exercise it is meant to get u better results! :)

Good luck! Stick with it! :)



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I have just recently bought myself the one for upper arms and tried it yesterday, did not have a tingle in my hands or fingers.

It did feel uncomfortable above level 14 so stayed with it at 14. Level 50 seems very far away...

Looking to see if it will help with the Bingo Wings:rolleyes:

Love Mini xxx


Says it as it is!!!
LOL evil evil evil...but fab...hurts like hell but really works!!1 stick with it you get used to the finger curling and thunderbird dance... just dont try drinking anything hot with them on :)


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I gathered from the instructions you work your way up the level...surely it is not meant to hurt?


Says it as it is!!!
It still hurts no matter what! just something you get used to x its not unbearable

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