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Slendertone Belt

I am thinking of getting one of these, I have had 10 children and my abs and stomach are not what they once were, but I dont want to spend out this money if it is not going to work.... so have any of you tried these and do they work? I am fed up with my flabby bits hanging over the top of my trousers.... lol
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can't help re the belt... but 10 kids!?!?

Thats amazing and terrifying to me in equal measure :D

Think Tilly has a slendertone and she loves it, perhaps she would be able to tell you a bit more? Also search for slendertone on the main board, pretty sure theres a thread kicking about in there.


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10 kids?! Wow!!

Am interested to hear if the Slendertone works too, sorry I am no help ;) xx
Have just found a post on the fitness board and someone has said she has had one for 2 weeks and it seems to be working... think I might just get one, then I can let you all know how well it works... lol
Re Belt

I bought one about 5 weeks ago and use it every day. It has worked a little but only I can tell the difference but I have been doing other exercise as well. Also I go through a set of batteries about once a week. Its not a miracle worker and you would probably be better off and it would be cheaper to get something that helps you do sit ups.
Hope this helps x
Well done on the fantastic weight loss, and well done on the 10 children. Your house must be a lovely happy one! I am trying to talk hubby into number 4, I love seeing my children running around together and I only have 3. 4th would be the last one though, the house isn't big enought for more and I am getting on a bit.


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I bought a slendertone belt the last time I was on CD. I used it religiously and I find it works. When I started CD this time around 9 weeks ago, I had forgotten about it. But .......... I have been using it now for about 4 weeks. I love it, it does work. I have bought new pads for mine which I will try out tonight as I think the current was a bit weak. I can use mine in the 80's, but like I say, maybe the current was weak. Definately worth the money.


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I was looking at slendertone on argos and the full abs system description said "20 minute session with System Abs belt equivalent to doing 120 crunches"

for £118 i think i'll just do the crunches, since losing the weight mean we will all be fitter and can train to get the flat stomach
i have one and got hubby one but we have only had them about a week he has noticed toning but he does do 200 sits ups a day as well but he had been doing those for about 2 years but it's only now with the belt his getting more defined

me well not real difference after a week i am only up to 32!! wimp me !


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10 Children? :eek: Bless you!

I struggled with 2! :p

I had a slendertone belt. I liked it for as long as i used it, but it is uncomfortable and after a while i just could not be bothered. I gave mine away, nearly new, on Freecycle! :rolleyes:
Sweetie after 10 children you dont need a belt you need a medal!

Only joking but im tired out after just having 1!!

Ive got a slendertone belt and the shorts for the thighs and bum and i think they are great!

I got mine on ebay and the whole sets were £35 each!

Hope this helps

Looby xxx
I dont have a slendertone but WOW on the 10 children. I have 4 and that is hard going. In an ideal world i would love 10 children..
I do use mine religously, But unlike others I don't exercise.....
I find it is helping and if you look at my waist I have lost 6.5" in 9 weeks...
I think that has something to do with the machine!

I am too knackered to do aerobic stuff and due to a back injury and ongoing problems, i dont do sit ups etc.... I know others that sue it and dont exercise...
I am going to get an arm one as soon as I can afford it!



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I just bought one in the sale (half price, on their website), and it seems to be going ok, fingers crossed, I bought the active one, so I use it when walking the dogs, and it records when I am walking at the proper speed for maximum fat burn which is good. I also bought the arm bits to go with it, in hopes that it gets rid of the bingo wings... that might take a while, but worth a try.
before nayone gets dissapointed they say that if you are very overweight, it doesnt take away the fat but tightens the muscles underneat, so you might not see much of a difference but the muscles will tighten and should be visible when the fat coverage has gone :)

Am hoping so anyway



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I've got one - it does work at tightening up the muscles underneath, and isn't uncomfortable to use. Was using mine regularly before CD but for some reason I can't fathom I 'forgot it existed' once I'd started CD!?! I now feel a little guilted out and will trot off to find it - it may as well be put to work as I'm sat here on this forum!
Well I went out and bought the Flexmax one so it does stronger thingies... and have used it today, I could really feel my stomach muscles contracting, but not really sure about my waist ones, maybe I did'nt have it in the right place but as I had already paused it once to find my stomach muscles, I didn't want to stop again for my waist ones, will have another go at getting it right tomorrow.
Any hints Tillyfloss, as to be quite honest I have no idea where these muscles are and if they even exist anymore... lol
to be honest my tummy is very flabby... so I put it roughly where i think it is right.... the muscles are all interconnected around the abdomen area so I think you will be fine.
I have the flex max too, but to get the arm one i need a controller too but still havent found an arm thingy with the controller and am not buying another abdo belt just to get a controller.

Thanks for that, maybe one day I will actually be able to see the muscles... Can you not use the same controller as the abs one for the arms one, that would save some money... I thought I read somewhere that you couldn't use more than one at a time anyway, maybe I am wrong about that, I read lots of things...
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