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Back again - hey ho!
OK, I've done a slideshow, of before I started LT, when I was 12 st 5, and got my daughter to take some pics this morning of me now at 10 st 10.
Thing is, the first pics I got taken, I didn't intend ever to show anyone, they were for my viewing only as a kick up the ass. Then I shortly after started LT. I didn't think about doing a slideshow thing till I saw the inspirational pics on here......
The thing is, The first pics I had took I was wearing a bikini (cos it was only going to be for me to look at), there's no make up, no hair do, cellulite, lumps, bumps, something that vagely resembles a belly button, and copius amounts of stretch marks,... todays pics are in a similar vien, and I didn't want to wear clothes, as somethimes you cant really get a true perspective... so.... do I share it? I'm not that bothered about people seeing it, I just dont want it to be offensive???????? lol, not that I'm wearing a bloody thong or anything like that. I just dont know, what do you think? I dont have any other full photo's of me at 12 st + as I avoided the camera at all times!
I'd like to show people that even though I'm not fully at my target, even 3 and a half weeks can make a difference! and that we are all human....whats a few stretch marks between friends lol
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Says it as it is!!!
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Share Share Share ...i Have Underware Shots To Put Up When I Have Lost Only Have The Huge Ones Now Tho So I Will Be Joining You Shortly Share Xx
LOL I am wearing thongs ooopppsss wanted to see full lard effect!!!
Please do share Toni, you have done so well in such a short space of time. We all need inspiration!! I'm sure they are beautiful!!! and not a bit offensive. so go on do it!!!


Back again - hey ho!
lol, well phew Nic, although apple catchers all the way for me lol, Thistime, thanks, but I wouldn't call them beautiful!!!.... xxx
Do I just paste the img code into one of these message boxes? I've not done it before....


Says it as it is!!!
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Lol my thoughts are if they are going to get eaten by your bum...i might as well have less material to get eaten lol not sure how you do it hun...not figured that out yet
"If you want any photos added or removed, please start a thread in the technical support forum"
Toni.. this is what it says at the start of the slideshow..hope this helps!!


Says it as it is!!!
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Cool .... they look fab hunni xxx you have done soooo well


Back again - hey ho!
:eek: Well it does show yes, although I cant wait to post the final pics.... I just though that as I've made a big change (refeed from yesterday) I ought to count that as a milestone, so to speak. xxxxx


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Well done Toni, brilliant achievement!!!

You look amazing!!!

Good luck with refeed.

Love Mini xxx


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Fab Nikki F****** fab

Well done girl


Back again - hey ho!
hehehehe, thanks you guy's, couldn't have got through these last few weeks without you all though :) ... and I'm gonna be hanging round for a while too :D xxxx


too hot to handle!!
well done toni,,you look fantastic,,my pic befor lt is a swimming suit also,,no after pic yet though,,hopefully,,someday!!well done
argh i cant view them! i'll try again when am home from work! cant wait. i too have a befreo pic of me in my undwear that was meant to be for my eyes only but will post an after pic with it at the end of my jorney!XX


Back again - hey ho!
Yay! lol, so have we all got sneaky undercracker pics hidden away then guys ? :D (and I thought it was just me) hehe xxx

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