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Slightly Confused....

Hey guys hope you don't mind me picking your brains a bit but i feel like Im getting myself more confused by this diet as time goes on!

I started the programe yesterday and so far so good, however I am a little confused about some of the basic principles so hoping you guys can help! I chose CS because I liked the convienience of shakes/soups etc.. and because it appeared to be a well balanced straight forward way to lose weight: shake for breakie shake for lunch balanced meal for dinner. Yet the more i read on forums etc.. the more confused i get! I thought i could just make sensible all round healthy meal choices for dinner yet there seems to be foods I can have foods I cant, foods that are 'high' foods that are 'low', counting carb values (which is no different to counting calories and exactly what I wanted to get away from!) And there seems to be lots of high fat foods that I 'can' eat as long as they are low in carbs? Is this right?? Anyway the sraight forward diet i thought it was does not appear so straight forward after all.

Apologies for all the questions but dont want to get this wrong have been yo-yo-ing for too long now :(

Thanks guys xxx
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hi curvy0girl. Tuesday was my first day and i to am confused. I read in someone elses post that you can have mayonaise as long as its the normal one not the light. By this im baffled cos i thought the light mayo was better for you. confusing aint it. i am going to give cs 4 weeks to see how i get on if i dont like it im going to go back to lipotrim. sorry for not being able to answer you question.
ive re-edited this as the first time it came out a bit harsh...

its all down to the individual and how well you want to stick to the diet ...

i just follow these basic principles:

  1. have the shake/soup/bar for 2 meals a day
  2. i eat mayo (its full fat) but i only limit myself to a heaped teaspoon and find this is enough.
  3. i avoid all foods which i associate with carbs so...bread, pasta, potato, crisps, rice
  4. i eat foods from the list here so i know its allowed:
Allowable Veg
String Beans
Brussel Sprouts
Snow Peas
Carrot (In moderation)

Not Allowed
Sweet Potato

Allowable Fruit
Berries - Strawberries, Raspberries, Blueberries, Cherries etc.

Not Allowed
Honey Dew Melon
Kiwi Fruit
Tinned Fruit in Nectar
All dried fruit - Prunes, Raisins, Dates, Sultana's, Figs etc.

i cant think of many foods that are really high in fat as in my mind they all seem to be processed crap anyways.

I tend to make things from scratch.

if you wanted to eat sometging bought from the shop i use, and know that someother people go on the principle of "no more than 10g of carbs per 100g of the food"

cs is a great diet of you stick to it even for a short time. i cant find anyone even if they arent doing the diet that will say that it hasnt changed their mind set and given them a new approach to food.

just have a positive mental attitude and youll sooon settle into something that is taylored to yourself.

we cant all follow the exact same principles as everybodys different and needs different needs.

so basically just chill out enjoy starting to lose weight.

and DONT eat takeaways like i keep doing :)
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forgot to give credit to rae for making that list when i lost my book :D


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The basic (probably a more complex description around but ill try) is too eat foods rich in protein and low in carbs, still obv maintaining a low fat in take too, your body burns carbs before fat so like you'll probably know when you were on lipotrim you have to get into ketosis :)

I have been VERY strict with myself on this so cant speak for other's but my day would usually be..

Fruit (Apple, 1/2 cup of berries etc..)
2 slices of ham... (or chicken, turkey etc or add a bit of lettuce or mayo (but i HATE mayo yuk), i personally would opt for the light mayo as apparantly its still quite nice and your keeping your saturated fat down)
Dinner - Usually an unfatty cut of meat, if it was steak id cut the fat off myself etc which id have steamed veg with, or a salad with balsamic vinegar dressing.. i would sometimes add a packet sauce or marinade but pick a lower carb one, most like peppercorn sauce are around 15g per 100 but i managed to find one in waitrose for 4.5g per 100 which was nice :)
Then about an hour later before 8pm i would have some fruit again :)

You find that your stomach gradually shrinks anyway and i learnt the best way is to keep it simple.. and plan out your day, everyone is confused the first week don't worry, but you'll still see a loss ill guarentee.. i mean all this confusion is exercising your mind ;) :p

The most important part of the diet is water :) you'll know this from your previos diets anyway but i used to drink around 3litres.. 2.3ish the first few days then i started to build up to about 3 :)

If you have any questions no matter how silly you think they are.. seriously dont hesitate to ask! We're all in this together and have had different experiences with the diet so on a whole we can be extremely helpful at time.. sometimes you might think ughh noway what a load of crap i put 2lbs on with her recommendations lol but every individual body is different and reacts differently to the certain foods on the diet. But we will try and help so just ask!



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Haa i was lookin for that list i made to and was gonna put it in but realised you'd beaten me to it haha!

Thanks kels x
i gave your credit:D...it saved my bacon when i lost my book :p
if people are on here who used to do cs but now atkins or similar wouldnt u be best posting in their forums ??


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Nope, because its still nice to help those who are a bit lost and muddled in their first week, weve been there and done it, plus im going back on CS once my exams are over.

We're just trying to help.

Im gonna have my rant now. Ive been holding it in for a couple of days but..

DublinLad all you seem to have done since joining these forums is piss everyone off.. all you do is have a go at everyone on here when weve had a damn sight more success on this than you have, how can you even comment when you've been on CS about 4 days now. And don't tell us to basically **** off this forum when a lot of people on here value our input.
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i think you will find we can post where we like
ahhh someone whos finally talking sense.

i have been around cs since the end of feb which is a lot lot lot lot longer than you dublin!

i have been through the ups and downs and know how the diet works!

and hopefully people dont mind my input.

and PLUS i love giving people my support because they give it right back.

all the girls and unhappy chappy (hes the only bloke) are on here to lose weight and what ever the diet were on we still all have the same goal.

so if you dont have anything positive to say then dont say it at all!

rant over!
well said kels id have said it myself a few days ago when i read some thing he put in reply to rae but once i start on rant i cant stop and i would be banned from the boards lol


Bring on the trumpets
Oops I seem to have unwittingly started something with this post sorry girls! ;)

Thank you so much for the advice it is really appreciated, I know I will be fine when I get my head round it all its just an adjustment at the mo. Another good day today though so feeling really positive :)

Hope everyone else is having a good day x


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well said kels id have said it myself a few days ago when i read some thing he put in reply to rae but once i start on rant i cant stop and i would be banned from the boards lol
Happened a fair few times with me.. dunno what the hell i did to be victimised.. seemed to be me and kels all the time.

Glad i started our rants. Couldn't go on for much longer. People like that need putting in their place.

If you were to of got banned sharon.. then theyll have to ban all of us..

Well done ladies...as I am new to this...only my 3rd day I didn't like to say anything! All I have got from all of you is help and support....can't understand what his problem is....the fact that he is obviously Irish like myself is a bit embarrassing....we aren't all like that ;)
he started peing me of the other day when you said cs was expencive for a student, and he said that was a cop out and when he wanted to know if any one ad lost 50lb or more and you said only been in uk for a few months and he put bull i was going to say some thing then but i was too mad and i think he would have reported me like kels said if he cant say some thing positive he should shut the hell up or sod off
kels dint say hell or sod lol


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The most annoying thing is the fact that even if i wasn't a student, he has no idea of what sort of income im on, for all he knows i could have been trying to feed a family on an extremely low income, so how can he even comment.

Plus the fact that he said me saying CS had been in UK since Jan was a load of bull, isnt a load of bull at all! Im only going by what info i had been told by the pharmacist at rowlands and their website! Maybe they did it earlier but with a very limited stock trial only available in certain locations, but i know for a fact it inly became available in the two rowlands by me in January.


I hope you realise how much of a knob you've proved you are Mr Dublin, i highly doubt you'll get much help from any of us on here now.
he wont get any from me , it was also you prob spend more on takeaways and going out that pd me of as well does he think we just sit around ordering from menu after menu daft swine

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