Slightly Disappointed with 2nd WI


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I only lost 5 lbs in my second week and I had lost 10 lbs in my firts week :) It is natural that your second weigh in won't be as high as your first because the first weigh in is mostly all the glycogen loss and now you are losing body fat now :)

Just think of it this way hun... you lost 4 pounds this week. That is 4lbs you will never see again.. and its 4lbs you lost by basically doing very little :p If you were not dieting you wouldn't lose that much in a week :p Keep at it you will lose continously and reach your goal in no time :D


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You have had a very good loss, very much in line with the kind of losses for people with about 3 stones to lose. The bigger losses at the strart tend to be for dieters aiming to lose more than you (and me).

You are doing great, that 45 pounds will come off so quick and you will feel absolutely ecstatic about the wonder of CD.

Best wishes and lots of good luck x


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4lb is a fantastic loss hun, please don't be dissapointed. I feel a bit down when I see I have only lost 17lb in 4 weeks and some people lose that in one or two weeks, but then I kick myself and realise that 17lb is a bloody fantastic loss in such a short period of time and stop comparing my loss to other peoples losses

Concentrate on your loss sweetie, 11lb in 2 weeks is bloody amazing and a real acheivement and you should be really proud of yourself.

Charlie xx


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4lb is good......bearing in mind this is FAT that is being burnt off. In ny 2nd week I only lost are only two weeks in. Chin probably lost more than you would have on a 'conventional diet'.
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Don't start comparing your losses with others, we are all individuals and there are lots of other variables at work besides the diet. Just appreciate your loss for what it is... fantastic.


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Hi Lis

Chin up - 4lb's is good hun, and its the bigger picture you should bare in mind! Wait and add up your losses over a month for instance and it will be fantastic!

Got my 2nd WI 2moro and scales not moved at all from last WI so i'm maybe looking at sts or a pound if I'm lucky but cant let it get me down or put me off as still got to get on with it and look forward to next week :)


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4lb loss is brilliant, i only lost 10lb in my first 2 weeks, everyone is different and shouldnt be compared, yeah we get disappointed when we see how much others have lost and we havent lost as much, its a natural feeling but you have to look at the whole picture and 11lb in 2 weeks is excellent and not only that, the inches will be reduced as well, everyone loses differently so please dont worry
you are doing brilliant :D


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Echo, echo but 4lb is a super loss.
I have been faffing with a low fat diet throughout Jan, 3lb 1st week then the odd lb yo-yoing on & off. Keep it real and look at the big picture, it is falling fast off you and that is what matters. CD works and that's why we put ourselves through it.


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3/4lbs is the expected rate of weight loss on CD. I know some people get bigger losses, well they're just lucky. I've lost 8lbs over the past 2 weeks, I was getting a bit despndant too thinking bloomin PCOS strikes again, but 8lbs is normal and I'd have been very lucky to lose that in a month on WW. So be proud, it's 4lb off never to go back on!


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dont worry these are fab losses. I lost 6lb the first week but only 2lb the 2nd! Was convinced there was something wrong with me & cd just wouldnt work 4 me...but it started coming off & am so glad i stuck 2 it! X


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You've done fantastic - well done. As others have said, don't be tempted to compare we are all different. Congratulations on a great loss - not far off a stone!


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Don't dispair hun, I only lost 1lb at my 2nd weigh in, and I was devastated!! I'm hoping it's just water retention and I'll have a good weigh in next week. My CDC said I looked like I'd lost more than 1lb though, I lost 17lb in my first 2 weeks last time round, this time only 7lbs in the first 2 weeks. :-( Still I'm not ready to give up yet, I'll see how the next couple of weigh ins go, at least it's coming off not going on.

Lisa Marie

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Thanks for all the replies folks, I know 11lbs in two weeks is a fab loss, I think it's because I expected more in my 2nd week I felt a bit down hearted. If it had been a 4lb loss in my 3rd week I would have been over the moon lol. Anyway I'm not giving up it's still the quickest way to lose weight so week 3 now and I've got bars mmm lush!


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aww dont be disappointed l also had 2nd weigh in and had 4lbs loss but onwards and upwards just look forward to next weeks lol


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Hey Lisa

Just wanted to cheer u up m8 - hows about my 2nd WI today 2lb :eek: But I'm ok with it as it was TOTM and I've had blockage probs - but on bright note my clothes are fitting lovely and my bulging belly is flattening all the while for this week :) x