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Slightly embarassed


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hi every1 well i have just seen my friens up the shops, have not seen her to talk to for a few weeks and she asked me if i had lost weight, i said yeah 13lb and she was like well done and i dont know y but i felt a little embarassed xxx

I know where your coming from, when you say you was embarrassed, I was aswell when a customer came up to me and said I'd lost loads .....I was like 'No ,I havent' I dont know why I said it ...just didnt want people to know ?? still dont !!
arent we weird ,us slimmers?


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I was the same ... and still am - and even with people who knew i was losing weight, if they asked how much i'd lost i knock a stone off saying 3 when it was 4, 4 when it was 5 and even now I say about 6 stone .... why do we do that??


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BE PROUD! I am! But the "don't lose too much " remarks are starting already! And I have nearly 2 stone to go! :eek:


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Please don't be embarrassed to lose weight and have people notice. Be proud!
You have achieved something, and it's not always easy.
I have always been embarrassed when people mentioned I have put on weight and I hate it, but when people tell me I have lost weight I absolutely love it and go into "show off mode" :D
Actually, when I lose any weight at all, I am quick to tell anyone who is willing to listen. When I don't do so well, I just keep quiet, and don't say anything as I am ashamed, deep down, that I haven't achieved anything.


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I have been the same. I didnt tell anyone apart from a couple of close friends that I had joined SW. I think the last time i went on a plan I was constantly watched by others what I was eating.... how much have you lost and I got fed up talking about it.

I am pleased with my progress so far on SW but I just want to make it as normal life as I can nsi it just becomes how I eat not how i eat cause I am on a diet! Does that make sense or just in my head ??

Lisa xx

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I guess we're just not used to getting compliments on the way we look. Best thing to do is just smile and say thanks - easier said than done! don't feel embarrassed, you've done really well, well done. X


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I think it's because when people say ooo you've lost weight we subconciously realise they know that we are/were overweight to begin with!


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Squiddie you have hit the nail on the head, thats exactly how i felt, i know myself im overweight and when people comment they must realise im overweight too xxxx


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squiddie - Thats it - Just a reminder I am the fattest person in the office! Not for much longer tho :p
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Know what you mean but try and be proud of your acheivement when you reply. I don't know whether we feel embarased because it makes us realise we are/were overweight or whether we feel embarassed because we realise other people see us a overweight. I think I go round in a bubble thinking everyone sees me as a normal weight - now if thats not in denial I don't know what is, I only just realised that as I was typeing it, OMG its one of those moments where I need to go and reflect on this.


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amythyst5961, im the fattest person where i work too, but like you say not for long, i hope ha ha xxx

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