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Slim and Save Mousse!


Feeling great in 2012!
Some of the VLCDs use things like Mix a Mousse to make the shakes into a mousse so I thought I'd give it a whirl with a Slim and Save shake. If you can get hold of Mix A Mousse from the Cambridge diet then that's the simplest way (but it's quite expensive) or you can use powdered gelatine.

I had some Mix A Mousse left over from when I did a VLCD before so I tried yesterday with a strawberry shake and it came out fine (but I did end up with a couple of small lumps).

Today I tried with normal gelatine powder from the supermarket. I used half a sachet of gelatine and disolved the gelatine in a measuring jug in a little boiling water (about 50ml). I did whizz it in the microwave for 10 seconds to disolve the last bit as there was still a little that wasn't disolved (but you shouldn't allow it to boil). Gelatine liquid was then put into the fridge to cool.

Once cool I topped it up with cold water to 150ml and added the liquid to a shaker and tipped in the shake powder. Shake until blended as per a normal shake (but it's thicker) and then add to a bowl. I then added a little more water to the shaker and shook to ensure that I got every last bit of the shake :) stirred it into the bowl with the rest and put into the fridge to set. I'm not sure how long it took to set as I got distracted but it's supposed to take 10 - 15 minutes. It was quite nice (I used banana) and quite firm. It's not to everyone's taste but it made a bit of a change.

Given how firm it was I would think that you might be able to get away with a bit less gelatine, or more liquid but you'd need to play around with that to suit your own personal taste.

Dr Oetker Gelatine powder is 69p in Tesco for 6 sachets (ie 12 mousses!) but make sure that you get the powdered gelatine, not the leaf or the sheets. It's not for veggies though as it's 100% meat protein. There is a vegetarian gelatine but I'd suggest that is not good as it's 90% carbohydrate. Cambridge diet say that you can have 1 shake per day made into a mousse so I guess we can probably do the same with no problems.

There are also threads in Minimins about making a trifle from a jelly made of water with added water flavouring (if you use those) and gelatine as the base and the mousse on top. No trifle sponges though! :)
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Feeling great in 2012!
Sounds a bit of a faff to make, not sure I could be bothered :eek:
Believe me I'm absolutely no cook and it wasn't too much of a faff to make if you have a bit of time to let the things cool / set. No good if you're rushing around though. I only tried this week because I have the week off work.


Feeling great in 2012!
Nor me, that's what got me in this state in the first place! :D
Yep, ready meals and junk rule in our house! :eek: Will have to try to cook more healthy stuff when I've finished with this. When I finished LT last time I used to eat salad and lean chicken during the week and then at weekends I used to do a homemade veg curry with loads and loads of fresh veggies. It was lovely. I used to have it on it's own (I did write naked but that implied that I was naked when eating it :D) and the OH had his with rice. That's back in the days when I had my sensible head on!
Sounds good. Will totally be trying your mouse idea. Thanks! Anything for a bit of variety!
Thanks for this thread , Ive got into a bit of a habit of having no shakes during the day just 4 meals as I prefer them to the shakes , its not a taste thing I just prefer chewing to drinking my meal

so im going to be stuck with loads of shakes , I usually have a bowl of porridge in the evening as my dessert so thought that making mousses from my shakes might be a good alternative

which did you think gave the best results the mix a mousse or gelatine powder ?


Feeling great in 2012!
The mix a mousse was easier but I reckon that the gelatine gave the better results despite melting the gelatine being a slight faff as I didn't get the lumps that the mix a mousse gave me. And gelatine is much cheaper than mix a mousse. I think it would make a good dessert. Maybe with a bit of sugar free jelly to go with it? I haven't tried that but it looks as if there are less than 10 calories in a serving and hardly any carbs. I could see me having jelly and S&S mousse, or even jelly on its own. Mmm!

You could probably get away with splitting it into 2 servings as long as you didn't mind not eating it within 10 minutes.
mousse sounds like a nice change x


Feeling great in 2012!
Slim and Save actually do their own mousse mix now so you don't have to faff around with the gelatine if you don't want to, although the powdered gelatine is a cheaper option.


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i use gelatine powder to make the water flavouring into a gorgeous jelly. It makes a perfect jelly whereas the mousse mixers from sns and cd tend to cause a frothy top when used to make water flavouring jelly.... however, some people like that.
I was the one who did the first cd chocolate trifle and i added photos with the recipe. makes a hugeee amount. i tended to use the tetras (ready made brik shakes) as they made a creamier 'custard' topping. I must confess, i havent tried making the trifle on sns as yet ( but ive only been on it for 3 days after switching from cd) :)

Here is the link to my original post about the cd choc trifle incase anyone wants to try an sns version.


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