Slim Fast for Men!


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I've started, after years of putting it of i've decided to start! I have been inspired by my 5month old baby...when you get tired after bathing him, it is not ideal!!:)

For once i'm actually going to stick with it so have joined the forum for support! I am a weak male!!

I would say i am overweight, age 28 - 6'3'' and 19st...

I have chosen the Slim Fast diet as i am terrible with planning and am always working therefore need something simple that i need not think about!

I have been doing this for 4 days now and am finding it surprisingly simple! Just hope it works!

Was wondering if there are any other guys on here with tips or indeed wives/girlfriends who's partners are on it and how they've have done!?

Anyway, intro over...hope you all do well :)

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Welcome to the gang :) One of the other girls had "persuaded" her OH to join in so they can eat the same meals so i'm sure she'll post when she's back on.

What great motivation and just think.. by the time he's running around this time next year you'll be able to chase after him :)


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Hello! My husband started Wednesday. He is 29, 6ft 4 and was 18st 8 but is now 18st 4 already. He blames my 2 pregnancies as he ate for 2 as well! We have a 2 1/2 year old boy and a 9 week old baby girl. The only tip I have is that he has the 2 shakes and our healthy meal but then he snacks on as much fruit as he wants rather than just 2 100 calorie snacks. It stops him from raiding the fridge and eating our sons crisps! :)