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Slimfast & CD?


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I'm not allowed to do CD until ds2 is 12 weeks old. Which is in four weeks.

In the meantime I dedcided to do Slimfast to get my body used to not eating in the day.... Well, I'm failing miserably! I'm so hungry it's untrue!

Is it the same with CD as I don't hink I can do it if it is?
Someone told me they felt more hungry on Slimfast due to not going into Ketosis.
Is this right? Has anyone done Slimfast before CD?

I know I'll be hungry on CD for a while, but I'm hoping it will become easier.

I'm thinking of just having 1 SF for breakfast, a normal lunch, & a normal dinner....

I'm trying to empty my freezer & cupboards of ALL the food that I bought for me, then I can start again for ds1 & df.

Help! I'm worried now :sigh:
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I have not tried slimfast, but if it doesn't make you go into ketosis you will be hungrier than if you were on CD. I am typically not hungry on CD physically. I do have days where it is mental hunger though. CD is only hard the first few days to a week, then it gets a lot easier but you still have to work on it and get your habits under control. Don't worry, when you get on cd you will succeed.


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I've done slimfast and got to the stage of eating as well as having slimfast shakes.

I would be tempted to cut down on your carbs for a few weeks in 'preperation' for CD and get started when you can.

Dont waste anymore money on slimfast....

p.s. It also put me in hospital with severe constipation.


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S: 11st4lb G: 9st0lb
I've done Atkins quite successfully before, so am thinking eat te contents of freezer & cupboards until a week on monday, then do Atkins for final two weeks before I start CD. At least then I know it won't take me as long to get into ketosis. So hopefully I won't be as hungry?

I'm never hungry when I do Atkins....

It's funny you should say that about constipation, I've been really bunged up & when I do go it's very dry & really hurts.... tmi
Slimfast is sugary and full of carbs - I love them and previously lost three stone using SF, but it's nothing like CD.

I think getting into Atkins would be a better move for CD preparation, especially since with Atkins you can have more calories ... which your body will need to recover after your baby :)

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