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Discussion in 'SlimFast' started by Dazzling, 29 July 2008 Social URL.

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  1. Dazzling

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    :) Hello all.

    I've been doing my research into what diet is best for me, and I'm probably going to go with SW. But one thing that's struck me as I read through all the differing types and experiences is that I can't work out the difference between doing SlimFast in the same way as LL etc.

    What I mean is, surely you could just have 3 SF shakes a day and follow the same principles as LL etc? I realise you would miss out on the visits/checks with the pharmacist and the guidance for re-feeding, but other than that surely the principles would be the same?

    And of course at half the price too.

    I wouldn't, and people obviously don't otherwise I'm sure I'd have read about it, but why don't they? Is it because it's dangerous, a waste of time as you can't re-feed properly without guidance, does SF have not enough vitamins/minerals included....?

    Just a ponder really. :)
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    Hiya Dazzling (love the name :D)

    There's a fair few differences between LL and slimfast.

    slimfast isn't a total food replacement. It only replaces 2 meals, and you must have a normal healthy balanced meal on top to get all the nutrients you require.

    Replacing all your meals with slimfast would be unsafe.

    Slimfast has higher carbs (especially with the added milk). You would be unlikely to go into ketosis if you used 3 SF shakes a day.

    This would mean that you would be very hungry, possibly go into starvation mode, and your lean mass wouldn't be protected (you would lose more muscle).

    Oh...and you wouldn't get the CBTherapy either.

    Absolutely nothing wrong with SF, it's just a different programme and so different formula and so has different rules to keep everyone safe.
  4. Dazzling

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    I thought it must be something like that, especially as SlimFast are quite drinkable and I know people find Lipo, LL etc more watery and flavourless! :eek:

    Interesting about the ketosis, as I've not got to grips with that and wouldn't have applied it to SF if you did it 3 times a day etc. It's good to see the clear distinction between ketosis and starvation mode.
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    On SF (which I am on) you can't have 3 shakes a day and follow the same principles as Lighter Life. SF is not designed for this. On SF you have two shakes a day and a 600 calorie meal in the evening.

    I agree with what KD said if you use SF in this way you are likely to go into starvation mode.

    Good luck

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