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  1. Hello,

    I am on the Slimfast diet but don`t eat any food at all. I have two shakes [3 if I really need another] and lots of water, fruit juice and vitamins. I have dieted like this before and lost loads of weight. I would think I am mad except I have done it before.
    I started on Wednesday 13th October and weighed 11st 12lb....I`m ashamed. I am 5ft 7in and want to get down under 1O stone, preferably 9st 7lb. More than 2 stone, can`t imagine how long it`s going to take me, not sure if I should set a target date. All and any ideas and comments very welcome.
    Best of luck to everyone here, stick with it.
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  3. girlygirl1

    girlygirl1 Banned

    Hi there!

    Please be careful because Slimfast is not intended as a VLCD. It is not designed to be taken without at least one meal a day. You won't be getting 100% of daily required nutrients and could become ill.

    If you want to do Sole Source, choose a specially designed VLCD such as Cambridge, Exante or Lipotrim. Those you can take without conventional food.

    Good luck and enjoy the results of your efforts!
  4. Starlight

    Starlight Gold Member

    Like girlygirl said Slimfast is NOT a VLCD. Youre risking your health doing it this way as youre not getting the nutrients etc you need. If youre doing Slimfast you need to do it properly and have the meal they say, if youre not going to eat then do a proper VLCD. One which is healthy, with all the correct things you need and wont endanger your health.

    Doing it the way youre doing is risking your body going into starvation and if it does that - youll not lose anything
  5. owup here we go

    owup here we go Full Member

    Hi, Well done on taking action before things spiral out of control, but I have to agree with girlygirl. You need to take care of your health and ensure you get enough nutrients even though you are cutting out lots of food.

    Exante works out at only about £25 per week for the bargain pack (as far as I can work out it is a lot cheaper than slimfast) - and will give you all you need nutritionally, so you don't need vitamin supplements.

    Fruit juice is also not that brilliant on a VLCD because of the citric acid it will inevitably contain which will prevent you going into ketosis and make your weight loss much slower - as far as I can work out anyway. Also fruit juice contains loads of (natural) sugar.

    Last point - is if you are 11 st 12 now and 5 ft 7 your BMI is not going to be high - probably not high enough to take up a VLCD plan anyway (should be over 25 BMI to do this) & 9 st 7lb seems like a very low target weight for your height.

    All that being said, I hope you get on ok with whatever plan you settle on and get to a weight that you are happy with.
  6. Thanks so much to you all for your replies. I have heard of Cambridge but not heard of Exante or Lipotrim, I suppose you have to buy it online. I will see if I can find it. Yes I know I am not terribly fat, more out of shape, I have a sit down job and need to do more exercise but struggle to find time and motivation.
  7. owup here we go

    owup here we go Full Member

    Have you tried wii fit? my OH bought it for my birthday last month & I am finding it quite fun - not going to burn loads of calories but it does get me away from the TV and feeling more energetic - and it takes my mind off thinking of food!

    I've got a sit down job as well, and it took me years of watching my weight go up & up but not doing anything about it - which is why I got as big as I was (& still am) - so well done on recognising something needs to be done before its all out of hand.

    Maybe a less drastic plan would be good for you, because you could still lose a couple of lbs a week and eat in the mean time? Or are you hoping to loose asap 'cos of a special event coming up ?
  8. Thanks for that, I don`t watch tv but do sit around when I have time. I might try dancing to music instead. No special event but just so fed up with being fat and longing to get into my smaller clothes. That`s the best thing about being slim isn`t it. I have loads of clothes that won`t fit me any more and nothing to wear that I feel good in now.
    You have done so well losing more than 2 stone, well done, stick with it.
  9. *Shanny*

    *Shanny* Gold Member

    hi yes you will find them on line for more information ive done CD myself and now on Exante but exante is alot cheaper to follow and nicer too.x
  10. Thanks Shanny, Wow I am impressed by your losing 4 stone and even though you gained a stone back you are back to lose it again.....this time for good hopefully. You know you can do it too because you did it before.
  11. *Shanny*

    *Shanny* Gold Member

    aw thank you vey much i work in a school so the 6 weeks hoilday was my greedy eating time lol.! but yes back to loose the gain to feel comfortable again soon. :)

    what have u choose to do hun??
  12. Lynn_

    Lynn_ On A Mission!

    Its unlikely that slimfast will get you into ketosis anyway as one of its ingredients is sugar, exante would be a better option for you but needs to be bought from their website, whereas slimfast is much easier to obtain from supermarkets and so on. But whatever works for you best is the way to go.
  13. *Shanny*

    *Shanny* Gold Member

    or if u didnt want to work on line these celerbrity slim too u can buy from most superdrugs chemist but a bit more pricey than CD and exante.!
  14. Well I have been on Slim fast only before for months on end and done power walking at the same time. I always have loads of energy on it but I take a multi vitamin every day just to make sure. It`s just getting over the first week or so that can be difficult with any diet I think. This forum is great and we can all help one another, I spend so much time on here I forget my hunger. Not been so hungry today though, I am on day four and it has been a little better.
  15. bellefrogette

    bellefrogette Silver Member

    I went the slimfast route and supplimented it with vitamins and actually worked well for me for a while.I stopped slimfast mainly because some combination of the binder in the milk and the milk composition over time built up and I was always feeling like throwing up..But then even regular CD makes me queasy.

    I have got enough of the Cd formula from america which bills itself as 'original' it does in part remind me of cambridge that I did way back when, and I do not feel queasy on it. Orange and Egg-nog..yummy.

    I feel you'll know how it's going after a while and what needs adjusting and where. I also power walk , love it:)
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