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Slimline Tonic Water


Back on the wagon!
hhmmm - on CD you seem to be allowed a lot more things than on LT...any idea why that is - the losses based on the experience of this site appear about the same....on LT it water, packs, tea/coffee - no diet suff at all???
The slimline tonic is not generally allowed only for those who need it as the cramps can be extremely painful. It is recommended to have before bedtime.

I personally recommend crampex or quinnine sulphate its best to have a chat to your pharmacist.

Cramps can be a sign of too much potassium loss.



Back on the wagon!
Thats really helpful insight...thank you!
I've supplemented my potassium since this has been happening and am waiting to see if it makes any difference. I don't get it every night.


Back on the wagon!
What are your taking Charlotte??


Back on the wagon!
Hope you are feeling better soon....


Back on the wagon!
Thats great....just looking at your ticker - you have had fab results in three weeks...well done you must feel so chuffed.
Thank you very much. I am very happy although I want more to come off and for me not to be size 20 still!


Back on the wagon!
The weeks fly by really....and its amazing what another few pounds will do the the sizes....I am now into Size 16s with Size 14 only weeks away which is amazing....was Size 20 to 22 9 weeks ago.....we can do it!!! Hope you have a good day....
I was thinking (dangerous I know!) but if I can drink slimline tonic water for cramps, can I drink it normally like if I go out?

I'm on CD and would love to know the answer to that too!! Would just feel like a little treat to have ST out instead of water - would stop all that 'water? is that really all you want' stuff!!

Anyone help?



Back on the wagon!
From what I saw on some of the other thread from the CDC - its not recommended for regular drinking???

Having said that I got a leg cramp last night so might have a glass!


Back on the wagon!
I sometimes think my "addiction" to food is still in there? Get a bit worried every now and then that when I reach goal I wont keep it off.....

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