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Slimmer of the Month


Desperate to be slim!
Hi everyone!

Now, I was just wondering what the "rules" of slimmer of the month are....

Do you have to have lost every week, or just lost the most?
Also, slimmer of the week obviously wins the fruit, but does slimmer of the month et anything apart from the pride and excitement?

All these new thing's I'm still learning!

Emma xXx
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When I used to go to SW before, I was SOM a couple of times. It was who had lost the most that month and I got £5 to spend in the SW shop and a little sticker!
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I think it varies from class to class (the prize, that is!) and what your consultant decides.

I know Slimmer of the Week eligibility is a loss or STS the week before, and then the biggest loss of the class for that week. It's probably similar for SoM...biggest loss of the month with no gains (but maintains allowed).

Just a guess though!


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I was SOTM this month and didn't get a prize as such but I was suprised and really pleased! It's given me the insentive to stick at it another month!

I think you can't be SOTM if you have gained at all... like you can't be SOTW if you gained the week before.
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Does every group do this as i joined 2nd March and they have yet to do it, although mon will be like 30th lol. Can you get slimmer of the month if you joined in that month????


Desperate to be slim!
Oh pants!!! That was what I thought you'd all say, but a girl can hope and dream!

I thought I might have it this month, as I have had a 5 1/2lb loss and 2 3lb losses, but I also had a 1/2lb gain at the beginning of the month.


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I've just been slimmer of the month and from what I can tell it's just down to the greatest loss in the class. She didn't say anything about gains, but then again I hadn't gained. Didn't get a prize though! lol


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Ours is whoever loses the most in the month regardless of gains. We don't get a prize but we get a certificate and a sticker for our book. Oh and sometimes a fridge magnet. Mine had a rather dishy guy on it when I got one!


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In our group we put 10p into a bowl every week and whoever has lost the most weight in a month gets the cash, a sticker and a certificate. xxx


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Our consultant does not 'do' slimmer of the month - which is a shame. I think it would be great to be able to reward a member who has maybe had a loss each week, even though they may all be small (ie they would never get SOTW), but they have shown commitment to the plan and to the group.

but as I say, our consultant doesn't do it :(


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My consultant gives a sticker, a certificate and a slimming world mug for slimmer of the month (although I've never had that award yet).
The rules, she tells us, as to have lost the most over the month, not gained in the month and to have stayed to every class that month too.
Slimmer of week, we get a sticker, certificate, and slimming world inspirational fridge magnate. Again, you can't have gained the week before and must have stayed to class.

Jes x


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Our consultant does not do SOM either... :( . There are also no inspirational emails, calls or text messages. Don''t get me wrong, as a consultant she is nice enough, however, sometimes you would like to have that bit of "extra" support. :eek:

I don't have another class near by, otherwise I would probably change to a different group.
Hiya, just to let you know SOM is simply who has lost the most that month and gains are included in that total so it doesn't stop you being in with a chance if you have a gain. If you joined that month then your first week weight loss is halved to make it fair cos otherwise it'd only be new members winning every month x


Desperate to be slim!
Ooooh, so I could be in for it yet then, who knows?!?!
Will let you all know!
Thanks for the help!
Aw best of luck Emz, it may be that other consultants do it differently but what I said before is the way we're trained to do it. That's some wicked losses you've got under your belt chick xx


Desperate to be slim!
Thank you! I am so so so impressed with the plan... I really can't say enough positive things about it. I have done so well on it I hhave been amazed really.
I've got another friend coming with me in 2 WI's time, so that'll be another boost, to have someone I know coming too.
Fingers crossed for Weds as I'm on for my 2 Stone award as well!
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I GOT SOM yay lol


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Oooh, I didn't know that about the gains for SotM!

So it's the person who has lost the most for the month, after any gains have been taken off?

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