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SLIMMER OF THE WEEK BASKET...how does your class fill it?

In our grooup, the basket's usually got enough fruit in it to last you all week. We usually chuck a mug shot or free pasta in sauce in ours.
I'm still waiting on the day I get the basket...


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Ours is anything that is low syn or syn free, so the winner ends up with a range of stuff, yoghurts, pasta, tuna, fruit, tins of beans, hi-fi bars etc.

Devon Dolce

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Normally fruit in ours! Our C was telling us last night that someone put an avocado in the basket (very nice but high in syns!) xxx


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wow this sotw basket sounds great, I go to a drop in centre and we don't have any image therapy or slimmer of the week. In a way it's not very motivating and i'm considering leaving. What do you all think, do you think I will find it harder going alone? I feel like at the mo I just give over my money get weighed and walk out (ok actually thats EXACTLY what i do!!) lol :confused:


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I won basket at our group last week and in it was -

Mug shots, spices, mackerel, sardines, fry light spray, lots of low fat noodles, ryvita crispbreads, beans, all things along those lines, but not one piece of fruit in there :sigh:
I was SoW last night, and I got:

1 packet pasta/sauce, 1 packet mugshot, 1 small tin of baked beans - all of which I am giving to my impoverished student niece.

Plums, apples, oranges, a pear, a banana, a toffee Mullerlight, a few assorted Hi-Fi bars and an Alpen Light.

It was a lovely surprise!


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I don't think our class has a SOW :( It is a drop in on Oxford Street with over 100 regular members! Shame, as with a 7lb loss last week I would have nailed it!


I won the basket last night and got loads of fruit, a couple of yoghurts and six free range eggs from a lady who has hens. Had scrambled eggs for tea and they where to die for, so much tastier than from the supermarket!! The kids have had loads of fruit today in there lunchboxes and after tea, they love eating fruit and the yoghurts well they didn't last two minutes, kids ate them too!!
Janet x:scale:
Don't know if I would want bottles of wine, Jack Daniels maybe but the hifi bars are a good idea as they cost a fortune.