Slimmer of the Year 2006

Hello All,

Just to let you know that if any of you are interested in entering this event the application forms (PDF format) are now available.

Please let me know if you are interested - don't be shy!

Paper application forms and further details will be available soon.

Cheers, Kerensa
PR Exec - Cambridge Health & Weight Plan
I won't even reach my goal until late November so it's a bit late for me .... but like you Angela, I'd love to have a go next year :D

(Just had a thought though .... Do you have to have lost the weight IN the year you're entering for? If so, that might make me ineligible for 2007 as well! :( )

Kerensa - what's the criteria?
How much do you have to lose?!.. Not that I think I would be able to apply

Slimmer of the Year is judged in December and you do need to have lost some of your weight in the qualifying year.

So even if you have not yet quite finished your weightloss you can still apply.

These are the normal criteria unless it has changed this year.

Do I dare have a go?? Hmmmm

Against so many worthy people I doubt if I'd stand a chance of winning but I'm up for challenges of every type so what do you reckon? It would be one more thing I could put on my 'CV of life'. :rolleyes:
Should I fill the form in even though I'm not at goal yet??
Hello All,

As Linda correctly stated, you have to have lost part of your weight in the year you are entering. For example, you could lose 5 stone this year and 2 stone next and be eligable for the 2007 competition!

There are no restrictions on the amount of weight you need to lose etc as other factors are also important.

If in doubt, enter! You have nothing to lose!

Cheers, Kerensa
PR Exec - Cambridge
We need to put this on a sticky as I am sure we will get loads of interest in it!!!

Thank you Kerensa for letting us know as I would not have a clue about it.

It would be great of one of our members won!!!

Last year Devonbabe got second place:)

Debbie, Mandy and anyone else who goes ahead you will have all our support!!!

Love Mini xxx
That's a good point ... what IS the prize? Never thought to ask! lol
There was a list on the old DH boards of last years prize, I know Devon will know and will be on later.

Good luck to all who apply :) :) :) :)


:) hi i might like to try this don't no if got the nerve though,not sure about people looking at me :eek: still unsure about self image.
Yes Mike I agree with D_Q you should put your name down as you are an inspiration both to women and men for how well you have done on your diet and are also keeping the weight off.

It would be a great day out for everyone who put there name down and went forward, no one knows who will win but it would be good fun!!!

And in case your thinking I am putting my name like to watch from the sidelines.

I would like to wish all success who go for it...but you know already you are Winners!!!

Best wishes.

Love Mini xxx
have I lost enough to apply???