slimmer of the year 2006


hi everyone

just like to say that since winning the Cambridge slimmer of the year 2005/06 it has been an amazing year and everyone should enter. i never thought that i would make the short list never mind win. you have got to be in it to win it. Good luck to everyone!

Katie Perks
Its all make up and good lighting. That was me at my reveal for extreme makeover uk. 5 weeks before that picture i had a lower face lift breast uplift and implants an extended tummy tuck and my arms lifted i also had my teeth done!
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You look absolutely amazing well done im new so sorry if your repeating this but how much did you loose? cant wait to see you on extreme makeover wow!!!
I'm speechless!! You look fantastic :D

There's NO WAY I'd enter the competition though - I could never, ever in a squillion years be that 'transformed' ... as the saying goes, you can't make a silk purse out of a sows ear! :)

I loved seeing your transformation though Katie!
RD you get that app form off asap. All stories are different no-one will know who the winner is.

I have several of my clients entering all different age groups, reasons, stories and weightlosses, however I really urge you to go for it (even if you are not one of mine:rolleyes: ).

At the end of the day you are all winners your achievements are great.

It would be fabulous if one of the minimins girls or guys won.

Whether it be 2/3 stone then pregnancy, health reasons, 10stone loss, all are valid entries.

Drinks on them - vodka surprise for all - lots of ice, fizzy water and not Vodka - hence the surprise but on this occasion the odd voddie might slip past, or maybe two:p .

Please go for it.


I am speechless.

You look bluddy marvellous!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have seen this girl in the flesh literally:eek: pretty amazing I must say can't wait until 18th Oct for the reveal:p ;)

Yeah me 2 and she looked stunning, you would never have known she was any bigger and was a worthy winner.

Brill m8!!

Not sure I can watch you on the show as I am a big girl but Jo will watch as she is a nurse and likes blood and stuff :eek:

Mike there will not be any blood and guts the format is walt disney! its fairy tale not nightmare on elm st!! Just hide behind a pillow!
OK I'll record it on Sky plus just in case I need to hit FF !!

(I have worked in a hospital for 12 years and still freak out when I see blood)

Put it this way it is not as painful as seeing me first thing in the morning after 2 hours sleep with a massive hangover! we are such light weights now.
Well you will drink like a fish, I on the other hand was an absolute angel, the reason I was ill was the chicken salad was orf......