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Slimmer of the year


Strong women stay slim
Its that time of year again!

Slimmer of the year award

Maintainer of the year

Inspiration Awards

On 6 December at our fabulous christmas conference you too could be celebrating with us .

How ?
well, there are three weight loss award categories open to customers and counsellors this year . they are :
slimmer of the year
inspiration awards
Maintainer of the year(NEW)
What do I have to do ?
slimmer of the year 2008
have you lost weight with cambridge diet in 2008 ?
if you have , then you could be our 2008 slimmer of the year .

Inspiration Awards 2008
Do you have an inspirational story to tell about your cambridge diet weight loss journey in 2008 (regardless of how much actual weight you have lost )?
if you do, then you could be an inspiration winner .

Maintainer of the year 2008
did you reach your goal weight by june 2007 and entered slimmer of the year in either 2005/6 or 7 ( after using cambridge diet ot originally lose weight ) and have maintained it ever since ( within a one stone threshold) ?
If you have , then you could win our new maintainer of the year award
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Wants to shed pounds more
Best of luck to all - think we could all do with an award now and again (not just lighter on the scales and looser in jeans either ) :)


Gone fishing
I was nearly tempted to try maintainer of the year. Well...just a tiny flash of 'tempted' :D

Can't though as I didn't go for Slimmer of the Year. Didn't even know there was one when I got to goal.

So thankfully, one less decision to make :clap: Probably wouldn't have won it anyway...(do they accept wrinkled hags I wonder?) :D :D

Great to see different awards though :cool:


Strong women stay slim
Porgeous has to be nominated - she looks fabulous!!
Yes , I think she should go for it , and also marrypoppins , and there is many more on here too ... come on you , you know who you are :)
I have just been told by my councillor that I have been short listed and that we are off to Windsor on the 6th December. I'm over the moon just to be shortlisted!


Gone fishing
I have just been told by my councillor that I have been short listed and that we are off to Windsor on the 6th December. I'm over the moon just to be shortlisted!
Well done Loolar! That's fab news!


now got pictures in album
Yes, Mary Poppins should have definately been up for it!

KD it's a shame you havent been up for Slimmer of the year, you would have been a really good advocate for the diet, and the fact you have maintained it for all this time, which I think is the hardest part!

I'm quite excited even though I'm not going! I do hope that everyone that does go have digital cameras, especially ones with zoom lenses, we wouldnt want to miss anything would we!! :D


Trying to stay positive..
When and how do the people that have been shortlisted know ?
my cdc called me right after she received an e-mail from Kerensa I think it was. They sent her an e-mail on Tuesday informing that I've been shortlisted, but they also send letters to your address. didn't receive one yet though.
Well done to everyone nominated :) Look forward to meeting you all at the conference and dancing the night away to cheesy Xmas music in the evening at the gala dinner :)

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