Slimming world & exercise


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Hello! What are my fellow-slimmers thoughts/experiences on following SW whilst exercising? Do you find the number on the scales goes up/stays the same, but you fit in your clothes better?

Should I lose weight, then start exercising/toning up? Or should I still follow the plan but exercise and ignore the number on the scales and only take measurements?
I think it's a good idea to exercise as well as following SW - on their website SW encourage members to exercise to tone up and increase our metabolism so we'll burn more energy & improve our health.

I'm not consistent with my exercise routines but when I do any form of exercise regularly - I find I feel better in myself, stick to the diet better cos I don't want to 'spoil' my exercise effort and love it when I look more toned - so why don't I exercise consistently - laziness I guess!

I think we have to do lots on strenuous activity over a long period of time to build up so much muscle that we gain weight - I'm not in that league! SW also say that regular exercise suppresses our appetites too!