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Slimming World Online Newbie - some questions

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by SaraB, 3 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. SaraB

    SaraB Full Member

    Hi I started SW online 2 weeks ago on extra easy and have a couple of questions.

    Having read a few of these forums some people seem to be suggesting that we should be switching to red/green days after some time - perhaps if weight loss stops??

    Is this right or should I stick to EE if it is working?

    If I cook with super free foods do I also have to put SF at the side of the plate (for example my beef stew yesterday was mainly tomatoes, carrots, beans, mushrooms and onions)

    Some days I also feel over full but haven't eaten my min 5 syns! I have had a few biscuits to make it up to 5 and have lost 5.5lbs so it seems to be working at the moment.

    (I have so far walked around Central Park and am a third of the way across the English Channel on Body Magic)
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  3. Willbeslimjen

    Willbeslimjen Gold Member

    Hi welcome,
    It really is up to you which plan you follow. I have lost all my weight on ee with a few green days thrown in. The advice is to start with ee as that is the easiest to follow and when you get your head round that move on to red, green if you want.

    So long as your meal is a third Superfree then it's fine wether it is on the side or actually in the meal.

    It is best to have a min of five syns to balance the diet and also so you don't feel deprived, maybe use them in your meals on spreads or sauces?

    Well done on your weight loss!
  4. SaraB

    SaraB Full Member

    That is great advice. Thank you. I am enjoying the food and even better with my new slow cooker to make it in :)
  5. Willbeslimjen

    Willbeslimjen Gold Member

    Ah I love my slow cooker! Good luck with your journey
  6. SaraB

    SaraB Full Member

    Thank you x
  7. Emmaline

    Emmaline Hippety Hop!

    Hi Sara, Welcome to the forum.
    All the very best to you on your journey to slimdom.. :)
    Nice to have another competitor on the Daily Quiz forum..

    (AKA Dandy)
  8. SaraB

    SaraB Full Member

    Thank you although I did rubbish on the quiz :)
  9. Emmaline

    Emmaline Hippety Hop!

    Don't give up.. you'll find a lot of the questions are repeated anyway.. :D
  10. SaraB

    SaraB Full Member

    Ah I wondered why everyone was brilliant! I'll have to remember to look at the actual answers this time. I hadn't heard of half of the movies
  11. Emmaline

    Emmaline Hippety Hop!

    One drawback there Sara ..you'll then lose by the time it takes.. :D

    Hope the dieting is going okay. At least you don't have too much to lose altho' that can make it harder.
  12. SaraB

    SaraB Full Member

    True :)

    Yes not too much to lose. Frustrated with myself as I did get down to 9st7lb with WW just after my second son was born about 4 years ago. Popped it all back on. I did try and do WW again but just couldn't make it work. I also tried diet chef and I lost 8 lb in the first week and then we had a really hot summer and I ate too many BBQs :)
  13. Emmaline

    Emmaline Hippety Hop!

    Never mind.. I know how that feels as I've been there, done that and got the T shirt on more than one occasion!
    Keep it going this time as you will soo much better for it, won't you?!
  14. SaraB

    SaraB Full Member

    I did better on the quiz today 10/10! Just rubbish at movies and music :)
  15. Emmaline

    Emmaline Hippety Hop!

    AND .. you did well on the time too!
  16. SaraB

    SaraB Full Member

    Another question for you lovely slimmers.

    On the healthy extra b list I can have 2 ryvitas marked S and F or 4 ryvitas marked FF! Similar thing with hibars 2 or 4.

    How can these be the same? Can I have 4 if I want? Is this just allowing me to choose a higher fibre intake? Agghhhhhh
  17. Theria

    Theria Silver Member

    As I understand it, two ryvitas have less F (fibre) but fewer calories so are a Speed food. If you choose 4 Ryvitas, that's (obviously) more calories, but also more Fibre, hence the FF.

    So yes, you can chose either to count as a HEX.
  18. SaraB

    SaraB Full Member

    Brilliant thanks x

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