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Slimming World Quiche

SW quiche (not the pasta one)

So I tried making the quiche this weekend, 6 eggs, low fat cottage cheese, spring onions, bacon, and baked it as the recipes goes and it puffed all up and was really fluffy and omelette like and not quiche like. Is that the way it is supp to turn out?

Many thanks!!
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I always use two tubs cottage cheese to 6 eggs ,maybe that was the problem, try again,put plenty of veggies in it.


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I use 4 eggs, 500g tub of cottage cheese, bacon and mushroom.
Mix the eggs together, but just enough to mix them, don't beat them or anything. Add the cottage cheese to the egg. Fry light the mushrooms and bacon (cut the bacon into bits_ then add to the mixture and pour into a flan/quiche dish. Cook on gas mark 6 for 1/2 hour or until firm to the touch.

I'm lucky if I get to eat any though as my OH likes it so much lol
I use 3 eggs and 1 tub of quark with loads of veggies and it comes out really nice.
I used 6 eggs and 1 tub of cottage cheese (too the recipe from the recipes link above), it did seem too eggy, you all seem to use much more cottage cheese, so I will try that next time

Thanks so much!!
I made a quiche at the weekend:-

4 eggs
227g low fat cottage cheese
Loads of bacon (grilled)
Mixed herbs (optional)

Preheat Oven
Grill bacon and remove fat
Wisk the eggs and add the cottage cheese
Chop the onion
Add the bacon, onion and cottage cheese mixture together in a bowl, sprinkle the mixed herbs and place the mixture is an oven proof dish.
Cook for 30 mins at 190 degrees/200 degrees and hey presto!

It was deliccc too! I had mine with a side salad! :p:D:p
sw quiche - How do you make yours?

I no there are loads of different ways to make quiche, this weekend i'm having a MAJOR cooking session and want to experiment, So whats your fav quiche recipe?
I love the simple bacon, mushroom and onion quiche.
Uaing 300g of cottage cheese mixed with three eggs, salt, pepper and the above cooked ingredients all mixed together, shoved in a casaroll dish and cooked for 50 minutes on a high heat - lovely! Might make a veggie version tomorrow.
SW quiche recipe.

Hi there,

I made one this morning. I chucked some bacon, ham, onion and mushrooms into my wok and fried with fry light.

Mixed 6 eggs with 300g low fat cottage cheese, salt and pepper, then mixed in the bacon, ham etc.

Chucked it in a flan dish (i used one of silicone flexible ones - completely non stick), chucked some sliced tomatoes on top and baked for about 1/2 an hour at 180.

I've also done it with peppers, sliced potato and anything else that's free.

Lovely served with syn free chips and beans.




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i like making a breakfast quiche, a few eat smart sausages, bacon, mushrooms, peppers, i dont use cottage cheese though as dont like it, i just cook all of them, and then put them into a small casserole dish and pour 3-4 eggs over them mixed with salt and pepper and top with HE of cheese. xx


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I like to make mine with Ainsley Harriott cous cous as it gives them a lovely texture. Try the mushroom and garlic variety with a small tub cottage cheese with onion/chives, 3/4 eggs depending on size and lots of mixed mushrooms. Yummy!


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I make mine with 0% greek yoghurt as I don't like it made with cottage cheese. I use a small tub of Total yoghurt, mixed with 2 eggs, loads of salt and pepper and dried mixed herbs, then whatever I fancy in it. I love red onion and cheese best, although it's nice with tuna in too.
My favourite is pasta and sauce. I make up a sachet then mix in meat, vegetables etc to complement the flavour (my absolute fave is mushroom and wine with tuna or cheese and brocolli with bacon). I then blend cottage cheese and eggs together with a hand blender, pour them over and put in the oven for half an hour or so.

There is a recipe on the s/w website for colourful vegetable quiche which has some more ideas: http://www.slimmingworld.com/lifelineonline/food/recipe_photo_quiche.asp

It has'nt actually got a base...which is why it is so free/low in syns, but I have seen some posts on here with suggestions with mashed potato or cous cous (I have not tried them as yet..as I like it fine the way it is.

It's a great lunchbox food, I often take it to class with me as I have a dance lesson straight after. People are always asking for the recipe, even non slimmers at work.
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I make mine with a packet of maccaroni cheese (Cooked) then add loads of mixed herbs salt and pepper, cottage cheese eggs, and sliced tommato on top and also healthy extra of cheese to make the top nice and cheesy put in ovebn for about 1 hour


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For mine I use the following:

1 tub quark
6 eggs
lean bacon, chopped up
mushrooms, tomatoes, onions and any other veg (left overs are good)
salt an pepper

Beat the eggs thoroughly with the quark.
Use fry light to fry the bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes
Add veg, season well and mix with the eggs and quark mixture.
Pour in a large dish greased with fry light. (I use a large lasagne dish.)
Bake in a pre heated oven at 180c until browned (about 25 minutes)

This makes a huge quiche, and it's freezable too.
Free on EE and red. You could use the bacon as a Hex on green.
Oh my gosh.. iv just made a quich..

i used ham from the deli as a base..
5 laughing cow lights, 4 medium eggs, red onion, red pepper and bacon, topped with 28g cheese.. it was gorgeous!!
Ham as base then put smoked bacon ,mushroom ham or whatever else you want then when that's cooked mix it with cottage cheese 3 eggs and put in cake tin and cook for about 25 mins until golden and set on top
sw quiche

I make my sw quiche with pasta n sauce, also stir fry mushroom, spring onions and fine chopped peppers add that along with cottage cheese and beaten eggs. I've also added as a treat 84gms of reduced fat cheddar on top along with tomatoes or sliced onion rings. This will add 12 syns per quiche but i cut mine into 6 portions so each is only 2 syns... not bad for a cheesy treat.:D

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