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Slimming world


I have been trying to look into how SW works so I can switch to that for maintenance but I don't understand how the green/red days work?? The list of food seems to be the same for both? And also I couldn't work out how many days of each you should have in a week.
I did WW before but I've heard SW is more filling.
Can anyone help please?

Thanks in advance :)

restart 04/05/11 week 1 = 9 stones 7 -- week 2= 9 stones 5 -- week 3= 9 stones 3
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ok, slimming world is actually a very simple plan to follow once u get the hang of it.
there are foods that are free on GREEN days only ( potatoes, peas, sweetcorn, pasta, rice )
there are foods which are free on RED days only ( meat, fish, seafood)
there are then foods which are superfree, meaning free on green and red days, such as most fruits and vegetables (carrots, cauliflower, lettuce, cucumber etc etc etc)
then there are a choices and b choices. these are used to provide milk, cheese, breads, nuts and cereals.
on top of this u have ur syns, between 10 and 15 syns a day used for treats.
as for how many of each day u should do, there is no set amount of each day u should do. some people use only red days, some use only green, some use a mixture.
i prefer green days as i love my carbs but i am prepared for the fact that when im maintaining im going to have to fit the red days in especially as i reintroduce the carbs.
i hope this helps u hun.
they also have a plan called extra easy which you can mix red and green but only have one healthy b breads etc. i liked this one because its like normal eating. the slimming world board on here is great loads of recipes and on fb theres a group with tons on food pics.
will you be joining a group or doing it alone if you are joining a group you need to check they will allow you to join i think you have to have a min of a stone to lose and be a certain bmi.
one way to get round it would be to join when you are still on this but on a higher plan.

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The girls have explained SW well (go to that part of the forum for advice also guys over there are fab) the only thing I would add is that on extra easy a third of your plate needs to be super free food and although you can eat unlimited amounts moderation should be employed. If you were going to do red/green the red plan usually gives speedier weight loss but I used to do all green and still lose. You will have to gauge how you body responds to the plans. But extra easy is like normal eating I would say. Good luck J x
Thanks guys great stuff sounds as if u can eat normally? My problem was the carbs and If u can have carbs on this diet then that's fab!
I am about 7lbs from my goal I don't really want to joint SW yet and have to pay for both CD and SW and since I won't have a stone to lose when I'm at goal might try doing it on my own with the help of everyone here xx

restart 04/05/11 week 1 = 9 stones 7 -- week 2= 9 stones 5 -- week 3= 9 stones 3


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Just bear in mind that if you switch from doing Cambridge SS or SS+ straight to SW without working up through the steps, you're likely to gain a few pounds your first week on SW. That's because while you're in ketosis, your weight is lower than it would be if you were eating normal amounts of carbs - in ketosis, your glycogen stores are depleted and each pound of glycogen holds 3-4 times its own weight in water. Once carbs are reintroduced, you'll put the glycogen straight back (together with the water).

Your weight will start to come down again after a week or three, so don't worry that SW isn't working and panic - it will work. It just takes a little while for your body to get used to the change.
Thanks lily, I'm on 810 so I more used to food then someone who would come off SS, but I'd prob gain a couple of pounds first couple of weeks x

restart 04/05/11 week 1 = 9 stones 7 -- week 2= 9 stones 5 -- week 3= 9 stones 3

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