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Slodge to sylph.....


Never give up trying....!
1st JANUARY 2007

OK, so my plan didn't quite work out. I was supposed to be spending the time while Rob and the boys were away to detox and focus. Unfortunately, as soon as they were out the door I had the green light to spend 4 days of uninterrupted bingeing and of course I did! Over the last few days I have had just about everything I wanted including a takeaway every night. Rob is coming home today, and although I won't lie to him I doubt he'll know the full extent of my badness.
I couldn't get out of my head that the 1st was a good day to start on any diet which added to me putting off the inevitable day until today.

So, two shakes down and probably a few more pounds to shift. Why can't I see what I am doing to myself? I can barely walk now and certainly am gasping for breathe after just a few steps. I know I am a heart attack waiting to happen, but just can't acknowledge it. I feel as if I am 2 different people and I as the 'normal' one am merely an observer to the fat one. I feel slightly mad. I need to do this, so where is the motivation?
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Mrs Depp

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Splodge, put the past few days behind you and try not to punish yourself. You may not have started when you originally wanted to, but you've done it today:D

Where's the inspiration? It's there in your previous posts. We all have our reasons for wanting to lose weight, it took me a long time to actually accept that although I needed to lose weight I had to want it also.

You'll get loads of support from everyone here and there's loads of inspirational blogs from the likes of Mike, Isobel, Karen1972, too many to mention! You can do it:D


Never give up trying....!

oK, I am pleased that I have made it through day 2 and nothing has passed my lips but shakes and water. I do feel very sad today though. As if I have been bereaved because i have lost my beloved food. I know that may sound flippant, but I do feel a real loss and sadness at how long this weight loss will take.
Oh well, heres to day 3.....
we're all here with you, for you hun! be sure to share all your feelings, the good, the bad and the pure ugly. chancesvare someone has felt that way or is feeling the same so a virtual hug is never too far away!

good luck...x:eek:


Never give up trying....!
Day 3

I have survived day 3, so now there is no going back. Had a mini lay in until 9am this morning then played with the boys and even went outside and I did some circuits of the garden which I am pleased about as usually I just stick the telly on. Went to work and am typing this message from work as have 50minutes left until I can leave. Haven't felt too hungry. A little bit headachey, but have drunk about 2 litres of water and had my 3 shakes.
Day 3 does seem like a turning point because it would be foolish to waste those days and eat now, also I should start to be fat burning very soon.
Hooray! Roll on day 4...


Never give up trying....!

Grrrrrr....... smell is toasted cheese sandwich and just given the boys philli on brown bread. I could eat a whole loaf of that right now. Trying to remain strong. Got a headache which isn't helping. I will get through the day,I will!


Queen of the Damned
You will mate - just stick it out, drink your water and stay strong - you can do this!


Loves VLCD's !
Hi Splodge,
The thing that I find useful to remember is that nothing actually tastes as good as it smells for some strange reason and nothing tastes as good as the success at the scales ! Keep going !


Never give up trying....!
Ok, so got through day 4 ok.
Day 5
Took the boys to the park which was very good for me as I am usually so lazy, but have realised that they need fresh air and exercise as do I. Had a black coffee in the cafe and went to the loo twice, which isn't always easy with toddler twins.Anyway, felt good. Had the usual cravings at lunchtime, but had a fruits of the forest shake which was yukky. Felt very tired and cold later in the afternoon and went to bed for an hour while Rob gave the boys their tea. Really pleased to have made it to day 5 and hope the following days go quickly. Still fantasising about my takeaway food, but hard not too when it was such a major part of my life. Off to bed now with a good book!


Queen of the Damned
Whoo hoo, day 5 done and dusted!! :cool: Good on ya!


Never give up trying....!
Rained all day, but I didn't mind really as I am quite lazy and love any excuse not to have to go for a walk! Sat on the sofa most of the day and mediated various upsets between the boys, watched a bit of tv and read my book.
Decided I should do something more interactive with them in the afternoon, so we made mini quiches! Torture!..... I was so close to popping one in my mouth as they smelt so good, but really knew that I wouldn't have been able to stop at one. Rob made a lovely smelling apple cake too. By the time they sat down for tea I was in a mood about it all and the unfairness of the situation. It's a shame I have to be round food at all. I wish i could hide away for the duration of this diet and not have to be near food at all. I hope it will get better, because it really was 50/50 with the quiche.

Anyway, i got through it and feel good now for not having succumbed.
Nearly a week done already. Time really does fly and I can't wait to feel looser jeans.


Never give up trying....!
Day 7
Nothing much to report. Got through the day ok and am pleased to have completed a week. Have been a bit touchy and getting angry at the boys for trivial things though.
Rob's sister informed us she is getting married on 28th March, so I need to keep going until then at least so I don't look a complete mess.