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Slow and steady like the turtle not the hare - progress photos


getting there
Hi, I've been reading the boards for a while and it's kept me going so thought I'd post these to maybe help keep someone else going :)

I saw a picture of myself in the background in August and if i hadn't seen my face then I wouldn't have recognised myself.

So I decided to do something about it, I'm doing low carb (not no carb) style eating choices and going to the gym 2-3 times a week. Basically cutting out starchy stuff like bread, potatoes, rice and pasta as well as sugary stuff- am feel 100 times better for it plus i don't have to count things :) I think the gym is paying off as i'm the same size now (16/18) as I was when I was 13st 2 years ago but didn't go to the gym - I guess it's true about muscle weighing far more then fat plus i think it's a better shape too.

I'm at 14st now (down 1st 4lbs) and am quite liking my body at the moment and have a fairly reasonable target of 12st. After that then I'll try...I mean WILL maintain for a year then see how I feel and in the long term maybe review to get to 11 and be in healthy on the BMI scale. I'm not aiming for 11 straight away as since the age of 13 I've been 13st + (some times a big bit plus) and a size 16+. My thinking is I'm 23 and I've been technically obese for more then 10 years now so theres no crazy hurry to get thin quick.

I'm keeping tabs on myself using an increasing more elaborate excel spreadsheet - does anyone else have an excel addiction, there are columns for everything and formulas for every possible percentage - don't even get me started on conditional formatting! I guess that's what my hands do now instead of putting a packet of biscuits in my mouth :)

I've been some taking pictures along the way - not every week but at good intervals. and i'll try and upload them here for me and for you.

I'm not very good a keeping a diary but photos I can do :rolleyes: so will try and keep it up to date.

The first pic is from the 1st August and the most recent is from Friday.

Congrats if you got to the end of this but it's ok if you just scrolled right down to the pictures too - I do that some times too.

Alie xxx
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Wow, You can definitely see a marked difference. Well done.

Can't wait til I can see a difference but I'm not brave enough to put pics up. Me and photo's don't mix, especially at present


On A Mission!
Wow thats a really big difference from the 1st to the last pic, you have really changed how you look!

Low carb is definately the way to go, and there are so many benefits to it which really help when you need to lose weight such as level blood sugars which in turn help stop the cravings. Low carb has been the saving of me, has totally changed my attitude to food. In fact my problem now is eating enough! I got into it accidently as meds that i went on earlier this year do not mix with carbs, so it was a short sharp learning curve for me that saw the weight literally drop off in a very short time. But when you think about it, low carb forces you to avoid all the processed foods that have become such a big part of our lives now, and have directly contributed to the high levels of obesity seen now. Low carb doesnt have to be the extremes of Atkins either, a diet im not a fan of at all. I keep my carbs to less than 60 a day which still allows me to have a wholemeal sandwich for lunch and a small amount of fruit when i want it.

Good luck with your weight loss, you are certainly looking 'slim fantastic' now!


getting there

Catcrazy, be sure to take the photos even if your the only one who ever sees them, there a real motivator when it's getting tough.

Lynn your right about lowering carbs forcing you to cut out the processed food - have not had a biscuit or a packet of crisps for months but happy I'm not soo strict that I feel really bad sharing a bit of birthday cake with my best mate over the weekend :) and I enjoyed it so much more then i would have because it was a real treat not just another bit of cake this week.

Hope your all well and good luck with all your journeys too.

A xxx
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Cracking photo's what a great start love, well done Alie


getting there

Thanks Jim and Flutterby :)

Well Friday is my weigh in day and lost another 2lbs this week :) Didn't managed to get to the gym at all (whoops) cause I've had a cold :sick: and been working late/away - will have to sort that out tomorrow morning now I'm healthy again. But was very excited this morning cause I'm now in the 13's Yeay! 13st 12 and mid week had to make a new hole in my belt that I've had for 5 years.
This is my photo for this week but not vast amounts of difference but then again I am aiming for slow and steady and wouldn't expect a lot from 2lbs and not exercise.


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Slowly but surely x
you look bloody brilliant!
You look great! well done. and that transformation in only 3 months?? wowwww :)
Thanks super_skinny_me, Rumbly-tums and Holliekin. Still a bit to go but i'm getting there :)
Hope your all well and keeping inspired....was offered a big bit of cake and lots of chocolate today but i thought of how far i'd come and minimins (reading everyones stories and seeing the photos) and turned it away :) then went shopping and bought some size 16 trousers for the first time in 10 years...the next cake round will def be easier to say no to :)

A x
I'm really liking that photo Alie, and well done on the 2lbs love.
Thanks Jim :)

Here's this weeks update

Whoop, finally managed to work out how to actually attach pictures not as an attachments :)

This week I lost 3lbs and managed to get some new jeans (now size 16-see photo) and no muffin top either- comfy:)

bust: was 46" now 42" (-4")
waist: was 39" now 34 1/4" (-4 3/4")
hips: was 49" now 43" (-6")
Thigh: was 27 now 24 1/2" (-2 1/2")

Am rehearsing crazy hours for a show for the next 2 1/2 week so not sure I'll get to update on a Friday but will try.
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Thanks for the encouragements....it's really appreciated.

Not updated for 2 weeks due to being away for work.

Been a bit of a funny one with no gym and being catered for. Of course the food was cheap and quick food for the masses - pasta, rice, bread to fill you up then a bit of something for flavor. Although I was really enjoying just eating normally with the others i'm working with I was genuinely expecting to put on both weeks. But have been pleasantly surprised that i still managed to loose 4lbs. (putting it in my weight chart as 2lbs a week)

Looks like I'm finally learning lo eat in moderation, even had biscuits and nuttella yesterday but stopped after 3 rather then my previous whole packet and half a jar.

Here's my pictures this week. Am really enjoying seeing my collar bones at the moment and can actually feel my hips and my ribs so the fat layer must be shrinking....(pilates is not to comfortable as it used to be :rolleyes:)

Next week i'm going to an event which involved alot of networking so wanted to look my best, bought a new top and it's backless...i never would have worn something like that before for fear of the back fat folds overhanging! but theres not a trace of it (untill i put on something that cut's in like in this weeks photo) and added bonus...only £3.59 from the charity shop!!

Hope your all well. Alibum x
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Love the pics!! :) your doing amazingly!

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