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Slow and steady wins the race

I've followed slimming world a few times and have always succeeded with losing weight. It has always been for a reason, such as getting married, so would race to get the weight off and then it soon goes back on. This time it is baby (toddler by now!!) weight I'm losing, but don't have an ultimate goal (date or weight). I'll decide on weight when I reach a weight I'm happy with, and date will be whenever I get there! I thought a food diary would help me along the way so here goes.

Yesterday was my first slimming world day.
Day 1: 3/1/15

B: 1/2 grapefruit. 2 poached eggs. 2 slices of wholemeal toast (from 400g loaf) heb. Orange juice 100ml - 2.5 syns

L: tuna, tomato and rocket pasta.

D Diet coke chicken with peppers, baby corn, sugar snap peas and slimming world chips.

S: slice melon and 175ml white wine (6 syns).

Total syns for the day: 8.5
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Day 2 4/1/15
B: bacon, scrambled egg, tomatoes and 1 slice of toast (1/2 heb) (1syn for spread) Juice 2.5 syns
L: Chinese 5-spice duck stir fry with rice
D: chilli con carne (onions, garlic, carrots, chopped tomatoes, kidney beans, mince, lentils and spices) with jacket potato and salad (tomato, cucumber, lettuce and pepper)
S: wafer thin ham, 250ml red wine (8.5 syns).

total syns for the day : 12
Food diaries are looking good - may be a good idea to set mini targets of say, half a stone at a time just to give you a sense of achievement and keep you motivated.
Good luck with your journey
Food diaries are looking good - may be a good idea to set mini targets of say, half a stone at a time just to give you a sense of achievement and keep you motivated.
Good luck with your journey
Thank you :)

It's my birthday in 3 weeks, and I'd like to be half a stone lighter by then. I know it's more than 2 lbs a week, but it's my first week this week so hoping for a bigger loss :)
7lbs is very achievable in your first weeks so good luck with that! Diaries are looking good! X
Thank you :)

Day 3: 5/5/15
B: melon, grapes and 2 x satsumas. OJ (2.5)
L: double baked stuffed jacket potatoes with cheese (hea) and bacon. Side salad.
D: chilli con carne (yesterday's left overs) with salad and wholemeal pitta (ww) (heb)
S: red wine 175ml (6)

Total syns for the day: 8.5
Day 4 6/1/15

B: 1/2 grapefruit 2 x poached egg on toast, juice (2.5)
L: rocket, tuna and tomato pasta
D: salmon with garlic and herb (1.5) and roasted sweet potato, carrots and courgette.
S: red wine (175ml - 6)

Syns: 10
Day 5: 7/1/15

B: melon, grapes and satsumas. Juice (2.5)
L: Ham salad sandwich (2 syns for spread and heb)
D: Chicken, potato and lentil curry with rice
S: 150ml red wine (5) wafer thin ham.

Total syns: 9.5
Eeeek, haven't posted for a few days. Had my wi last Thursday and lost 5 lbs :D Didn't eat perfectly that night, but straight back on the wagon on Friday and have been perfect since (now where's that halo??). I've not been well over the weekend, but have managed to stick to plan, though if anything I haven't eaten enough. Had 9 syns Saturday, 1.5 syns Sunday and then none so far today. Today has looked like this:

B: 1/2 grapefruit (then went back to bed and slept until lunch time!).
L: homemade leek and potato soup with 2 x wholemeal bread from 400g loaf (heb) and 30g cheddar (hea).
D: will be maggi oh so juicy garlic chicken (1.5 syns) with roasted butternut squash, sweet potato, carrots and courgette.

may have a glass of vino (just to up increase the syns slightly of course). I'm too scared to eat crisps and chocolate at the moment because I'm worried about my head still not being 100% on plan at the moment (very early days) and don't want temptations to spoil things!!
Well aren't I brilliant at keeping this diary updated?! :rolleyes:

I'm still going with Slimming World :D Though it was my birthday last week and ended up gaining 3.5 lbs :eek: My aim is to lose the whole lot this week! So far, so good! I felt so bloated by weigh in day, I think a pound or two could have come from that.

I've been food shopping this morning. Figured it was the start of the month, so would pop to the shops to pick up a selection of different meats for the month (hopefully reduced). Managed to get quite a bit reduced, so now have casserole steaks, diced lamb leg, mince (5% of course!), a pork shoulder joint, a poussin (it's tiny!! But was only £1 something or other!), steak as well as salmon and chicken already in the freezer. I have now planned dinners for the whole month using these meats up. A few regular meals have popped in to the plan, but will be trying new meals out as well. February dinners will be:
Sunday roasts (chicken, pork and poussin)
Saucy chinese pork :p
Herb and garlic chicken (maggi one, works out at 16 syns each for the whole lot, but I'll get 2 meals for the 3 of us out of it so won't be too bad then - around 3 syns each)
Chicken curry
Lamb and veg biryani
Hearty beed stew
Steak and sw chips
Steak pie
Steak hotpot
Ginger and soy salmon
Chilli con carne

A couple of these meals will last 2 nights, but I've left nights free for different things that we have on this month (that we know about so far!!).

I'm hoping this will mean that I won't get bored with eating the same thing all the time, that I'm all organised so no last minute 'what can we have for dinner tonight?' and that I will save money long term as a lot of this was bought reduced or one bulk buy offers (or both ;)).

Today's menu is:
B: Only had one aldi light bar (like the alpen light ones) 1/2 heb
L: 1/2 Pasta 'n' sauce (milk hea) with salad
D: Chicken dinner (without the skin :(), lots of veggies and roast potatoes. Will syn some gravy.

Will update with the correct syn values and any other bits later.
Well we're half way through the month and I'm loving the variety of meals etc. I really need to update this more often, even if it's just for me to look back on for inspiration. I've now had 6 weigh ins and have lost 11.5lbs. I would love to lose 2.5lbs to reach my stone next week but know that won't happen. I've got too much on this week (again). Today has been a good day (ish) though. I say ish because I'm full of cold and feeling sorry for myself so missed breakfast.

B: Nothing
L: noodles (made with stock). Raspberries.
D: sweet potato sw chips, homemade burger (soooo much nicer than shop bought things!) in a bun (heb) with cheese (hea) and a salad.
S: ham slices. Real ale (11 syns).

What I have eaten is good, but just haven't eaten enough. I'm now sniffling and sneezing away feeling very sorry for myself.

Tomorrow is valentines day so I have bough the M&S 2 dine for £20 for me and hubby. Up until then I aim to be perfect :)
:heartpump: Happy Valentines Day! :heartpump:

Still full of cold and feeling sorry for myself so need eating normally, just nibbling on things!!

B: strawberries, melon and grapes
L: broccoli and cauli soup, chicken tikka pieces (0.5 syn), ham slices.
S: strawberries.

Dinner tonight is the M&S 2 dine for £20 Valentines, which is fish cakes for starter, lamb rack for main with potato rosti, chocolate hearts sponge pudding and chocolate hearts. Also a bottle of fizz. I won't be syning this, hoping that by being good all week will make up for this evening (and pancakes on Tuesday).

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