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slow cooker Questions!


I can do this............
Morning all!

Having read on here how good these are im off today to buy one but i have a few questions to ask!!

Firstly does anyone know of a curry recipes that can be done in the slow cooker??

If i make a chilli in it can i use frozen mince or does it need to be fresh??

Thank you x
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Slow but sure....
Henna, you will not regret buying a slow cooker, they are brilliant.

All your SW curries can be cooked in your slow cooker, I use one for all mine.

And yes - you can used fresh or frozen mince in the cooker.

Please ask anytime if you have any questions concerning you cooker and recipes, but I am sure you will soon get used to it, enjoy your shopping. X
I love my slow cooker.

Last night I did Butternut squash and red lentil curry. Diced butternut squash, 100g red lentils, chopped tomatoes, vegetable stock, tablespoon of curry paste, and chopped onion. Throw it all in. Lovely. I did mine 4 hours on high. Could be all day on low. 1 syn on green. Loads of rice. I really enjoyed it. tonight I'm puttin lamb shanks in their with stock and rosemary, and some moroccan spices, maybe chopped tomates too. You can do anything in there. SOmetimes I bung ina whole chicken, potatoes and veg and go out for the day, I have a full dinner ready when I get in. Apart from anything t saves me from the ttakeaway I would otherwise be tempted to if I didn't walk in from a day out, with a cooked dinner waiting!!



mines a skimmed latte
i had the slow cooker conversation at my weigh in on monday - i don't have one (yet) but i've asked santa!! for recipes - i'd just google the words 'slow cooker recipes' and watch your screen light up! x


I can do this............
Thanks for all your replies! Im really excited about making some lovely meals in it!!

One more question though if i make a chicken curry and chuck in loads of veggies chopped tomatos and spices do i put the chicken breast in at the same time then leave it or should i put it in nearer the end??


Vegetarian who lives2eat
When you go to buy one dont think you have to spend a lot of money. I have the one from Argos think it about £8.50 and it is brilliant, washes up easy nothing sticks.


I can do this............
that is the one i just bought!! So do i put the chicken in at the same time as the veggies???

I am just starting it now??!!!


I can do this............
i have to say it smell so good!! i have just made some onion bahjis and cucumber Raita!

If i put yoghurt in the curry shall i put it in just before serving?? Will it split!! I dont want to ruin it after it smells so good!!

Sorry for all the questions!!
I find with slow cookers that you have to go steady with the stock or liquid. You need hardly any otherwise your sauce can be a little on the thin side!

Enjoy your curry!


Mad old Bat with Attitude
Pity you're so far away! I'd come round! I've done loads of curries from the curry feast book in my slow cooker. I have the Tesco one, I find I can do everything on low and give it 4 hours. The only thing is I need to do the onions first or they seem a bit raw! Even tho the meat is meltingly tender! Thai chicken curry is wonderful done in it!
This book is wonderful, and you can easily adapt the recipes, tho the coconut milk is worth the syns for the taste in some!
Slow Cooking Curries and Spicy Dishes Slow Cooking Slow Cooking: Amazon.co.uk: Carolyn Humphries: Books


I can do this............
Well the moment of truth is almost here!! Just waiting on the rice!!!!!! Thank you to everyone for all your help today!! I have planned all my meals for this week around the slow cooker!!! It seems so easy!!

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