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Slow Cooker???

On MFP in the recipes section, they have sooooo many recipes using them. Always come across them :)
I have the Tesco's one and it's good. I must admit, I had it for 9/10 months and never used it but I braved it few weeks ago and SC a whole roast chicken (just chucked whole chicken in as is with no water but skin removed and cooked on high for 5hrs. It came out beautifully flakey and lush :D I always cook thighs/legs in the SC but I'm a big fan of chicken - my other SC friends tell me cheap cuts of beef come out beautifully in their SC. They use it mainly for hearty stews :D
You can make really low cal stews in it.... Some cheap beef, couple of tins of tomatoes, veg(onions, peppers , carrots, mushrooms) and some herbs/garlic/worcester sauce.... It is fab x


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I use it for casseroles, stews, soups, it's great!
Stupid question, I apologise in advance!!

I've looked at the recipes on MFP for the slow cooker.......and they do look scrummy......but how do you work out the calories??



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Put all the ingredients in MFP in the recipe section then where it says serves how many put the amount of servings it would serve. Then it will give u cals per serving x

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I made a gorgeous stew in mines yesterday - 9 hrs on high and the meat was melting in my mouth - I am going to use mines a lot more

Think I might try soup in it x

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Slimming down the aisle
There's a recipe section in this calorie counting part of the site and I think there's already a thread about slow cooker recipes. Go share the ones you guys have posted here, they sound lovely!

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