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Slow Metabolism?

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by SaraC, 14 December 2009 Social URL.

  1. SaraC

    SaraC Green Day Diva!!


    Hubby & I started SW on 9th November, I have been following it to a T up to Thursday last week whereas hubby has only been following the plan at home but having KFC's, Subway for lunch and lager on nights out etc .

    We both WI on Saturday, I had put a lb on (which I expected) and he lost another 3lb which means he has lost 11lb in total which is way more than me!

    It made me think that maybe my metabolism is really low and wondered whether my GP or someone like that could help?

    Thanks for reading.
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  3. supergran

    supergran Going to do this......

    MEN....lol they always seem to loose quicker then us, has he more weight to loose then you? but looking at your ticker you have done really well just keep on going your get there
  4. SaraC

    SaraC Green Day Diva!!


    No he doesn't, he's slim anyway! It just seems like sods law that I can just look at a pizza and it appears on my hips yet he seems to be able to do 1/3 SW and loses more than me!! :eek:
  5. ilovelife

    ilovelife Wishing and hoping!

    i found seeded bread from tesco helps speed things up
  6. Julianne_julz

    Julianne_julz Bears dont dig on dancin'

    Same as my OH, he eats bad at work and still loses, it's a male thing lol xx
  7. Devon Dolce

    Devon Dolce 1lb at a time!

    It's a man thing hun! x
  8. Sticky

    Sticky I will succeed!!!

    My OH eats like a horse and stays slim as he likes. I think he has hollow legs lol - frustrating isn't it?


    Ask yourself the following:

    Are you having enough food each day (sounds weird but it's important...from experience eating too little = slow or no weight losses)

    Are you having enough speed foods?

    Are you drinking enough water?

    Are you getting enough HEBs?

    It might be worth having a check through things and seeing if you can introduce any positive changes to what you're doing?

    Hope things pick up xxx
  9. jaylou

    jaylou Gold Member

    I doubt it's your metabolism and also the doc won't be able to help. Just stick with it, keep eating plenty of free foods and you will be fine. Most importantly, don't compare yourself with your husband. Men do lose quicker than women, the men in my group get lots of grief about this ;) One man lost 3 stone and his wife lost 1.5 stone in the same time!

    This needs to be synned though so be careful, I doubt this is a B choice!
  10. kissme

    kissme Gold Member

    Maybe because he is cutting back at home lowering his calorie intake so his body is burning that little bit of weight because he isn't eating as much as normal so in effect he is actually losing weight....lol did that make any sense??
  11. *Cherry On Top*

    *Cherry On Top* Full Member

    men have more muscle and thus just burn more calories all day every day. my oh eats on stop and is thin, its a great injustice. also some people just lose easier than others. my mum will in a week on a diet, eat terrible for three days then panic and eat good for the four days before weigh in and guaranteed lose twice what i will even if ive stuck 100%. BUT we all get there in the end, slow or quick. I have decided this time that i will aim for 1lb a week, because before i have always gotten disheartened by smaller losses then given up, but where has that got me ?(back to the start!) so 1lb at a time, im kicking this podgy arse's arse ;) good lcuk and stick with it xx
  12. *Cherry On Top*

    *Cherry On Top* Full Member

    alos u will lose slowly because you've not got very much to lose as ur pretty much in the healthy bmi range anyway, its always much harder to shift the last few pounds x

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