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Slow weight loss in 2nd week

I just wondered if people experience a low weight loss in the 2nd week. Ive read some people have. Id rather just be prepared as I dont wanna be dissapointed and give up. Ive had a sneeky weight in and ive only lost 1lb since mondays weigh in. I know the 1st week you loos your most. But just wondered what peoples experience is?
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Hi Lucy, my first week was 5 lb and my second was 3lb so you are still ahead of me for week 1 !! I think it varies from person to person but it tends to even out over a couple of weeks so if you lose loads one week you loss may be smaller and vice versa!! You have had a fabulous start, 3-4 lbs a week is about what we can expect after week 1 or so I am told xx Just peepedat your stats and you have lost a pound in 2 days which would work out at 3-4 pounds over the week -hey result!!! Keep going hun you are doing fab!
probs should take that back, just weighed and lost 2lb now since monday lol.... im just impatient lol
Hi Lucy, me and you are on the same day and mine has slowed down the same as yours I lost 12lb forst week and TOTM. I suppose the answear would be to stop weighing but I just cant .
If you are going to weigh everyday (I do also) you have to be ready for your weight fluctuating between 2 or 3 lbs.... its just one of them things.... I weigh everyday but i only really concentrate on your weigh in weight!!!! As over the week it WILL go down.... don't be disheartened.... Because one day it will go up and the first thing you will do is think 'Sod it...may aswell eat!!!' and then its all for nothing!!!!

This is just my feeling on the subject.... just try to not watch the scales obsessively.... or at least not pay that much attention till weigh in!!

Sorry! Hope that didn't sound like a lecture lol...
I've only lost 2lb since my last weigh in too :-( But I am on TOTM. I am going to try and not weigh myself until Saturday (weigh day) and see how it goes. I think we are all experiencing the same thing! My boyfriends sister has had a slow 2nd week too. The way I keep thinking of it is, every loss is a step in the right direction! xxx
Hey girls your totally right! I should weigh my self i know.. i just cant help it lol!! I understand that my weight does go up and down and i just take weigh in day as the real thing if you get me drift!

Hey jen how u doing, im going great today no cravings nothing!
I SHOULDNT i mean lol
Hi Lucy, patience patience!! The first week is mainly water weight so that'll be the big one by far for most. I lost 3 the second week (even with TOTM) so was happy with that. The losses since then varied from 3 - 5 lbs. Everyone's different though and it depends on your start /current weight too I reckon. Good luck with your 2nd weigh-in anyway and YES once the scales keep going a few pounds in the right direction you're good! The weeks will start to fly by soon anyway!
Have a fab 100% day hun!

x S

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