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Slow weight loss

I feel so gutted-I have stuck to the plan well (mainly green days) and have only lost 1lb this week and 1lb last week :(:(.2lbs in 2 weeks!? Surely it should be better? I know its a loss, but I would have been happier if it was a bit more than that. The only thing that has got me thinking is something a friend said to me about butternut squash-I eat loads of this in the week instead of potatoes and she told me that after a while butternut squashes ferment and the starch turns to sugar.Has anyone heard of this, because this could be the reason why my losses are so small! I am going to do a green week this week but not have any butternut squash and see if this makes a difference.

If anyone has any other suggestions as to what I could do to speed up my weightloss, please let me know!!
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Oh, it's hard not to be discouraged isn't it. I was like this at the start, everyone said I would have a really big loss the first week and it was a pound! and the next week 1.5 and so on. Then I didn't lose for a week....then put on 1/2 but then I lost 3.5 and 3 on consecutive weeks!

Everyone is different, but i do now do mostly red days as I feel I have a better loss rate then. I used to do Atkins years ago so I am a big meat fan so red suits me well.

Stick to it, keep at it - you are losing....well done!
ide say 1lb a week is a good achievement, ive been on this slimming world 15 weeks now and lost just over 15lbs, yes an average of 1lb a week which to me is fantastic, a nice healthy loss and im basically eating the same portions im use to, Stick at it.
Thank you both for your replies.I know i shouldnt compare but this is the 3rd time over many years that I have attempted SW and with both I was losing 2-3lbs a week.The only thing I am doing different is just doing green days instead of alternate green and red as well as the heaps of butternut squash!! I will stick to it, doing just green again this week, if I have no real improvement I will go back to alternating days.

thank you!x


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Shampers, if you have been on and off of diets, your body will take more time to adjust, and allow itself to start shedding the pounds. Stick to the SW plan and you WILL lose, honestly.
Are you keeping a food diary? I can't see the squash making an difference, but perhaps something else could be?
Thanks mojomcl! I am keeping a food diary and hand it in every week.I didnt get last weeks back because I had to weigh and go due to my daughter being ill. I have only been on SW 3 times-once when I was 26 (in my 30's now), last April to June and now, so not really a person who has been on and off diets but I appreciate it may take a bit longer for my body to get used to the plan and shift the weight. Guess I'm just impatient! I can see the change in my body shape, so I should go by that.

Thanks again x
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I am having a similar problem with slow weight loss this time. I've done SW before and always lost a load of weight in the first week but not this time. It really threw me of track and I struggled for a couple of weeks eventually giving up for 4 days and putting some of the little I'd lost back on - not a good option.
I have been back on track for 4 days now and am trying to avoid the scales until my weigh in day but I did give in this morning and have lost 2lbs. Not a huge loss but encouraging. I have resolved to just stick with it and take the small losses - eventually they will add up and down is better than up. I felt so bad when I put on last week that I know this is the best option.
Only other thing I am going to do is try to get more exercise. I have started the Biggest Loser workout and doing some cardio on the treadmill. I am trying to do something every other day and hope I see the benefits.

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Can I just add that regarding the Butternut squash issue - its never in your body long enough for it to ferment and turn into sugar Huni, so if you eat it and like it...keep on eating it. Its not a food that will slow your loss down at all.

Do you keep a diary?
Do you have much weight to loose? Sadly if you dont have much weight to loose in order to reach target, you will loose it more slowly than if you have loads to loose. But dont be discouraged, you are still loosing each week.
I would definitely add more Red days too. Green days are great and easy, but as some people find...myself included, they can make you bloat. I gain weight if I have more than 2 Green Days in a week, so I tend to have one Green and the rest Red and that seems to work for me.

You just have to find that happy medium for you and then trust me, the weight will start moving in the right direction!!
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I have done s.world a number of times (why do I put the weight back on?) however in each time I have done it and followed it I have always done green days and got to goal, i am a pasta queen - i love it! I have found if i do not eat enough at meal times that is when i pick between - and all the wrong things! I like the feeling of being full,
I was doing ww and was losing loads but fed up with being hungry etc..
so this is week 2 on s.world - week 1 i only lost 0.5lb but my oh my I ate loads! enjoyed my food again and did not feel guilty for eating loads, I think my body went in to shock for getting food again!! so I will stick to green and it it takes me 6 months to loes a stone then that is my journey I have in front of me, but I will enjoy it along the way and not yo yo up and down by 3 or 4 lbs each week,

keep at it, x
Thanks for all the replies.I do keep a food diary and the SW consultant has 2 of mine, so I couldnt see if there was anything wrong with what I had been doing-will get that next week. I must admit that with doing the green days I do feel bloated and have a lot of "wind":eek: than I did with alternate days.

I have also this week upped my exercise to 30-45 mins every day instead of three times a week, so that should help change the shape of my body if the weight doesnt come off quickly. I can tell by my clothes that I have lost weight, so I guess I should be grateful for the slow losses.

I will keep you posted as to how my next weigh in goes so I can tell if there was a reason for the slow loss.

Thanks again ladies!

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