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Slowly Slowly Catchy Monkey


There is only now
Well I guess at the beginning of week 7 it's a bit odd that I should start my weight loss diary now but I have to say after reading so many of them they are a real inspiration.

I'm already keeping a diary on my pc but would really like some feedback from you guys about anywhere I can improve - any GLARING mistakes I might be making etc..
I do know I don't drink enough water which I have to work on.

For info I don't eat meat - a mainly veggie diet (I eat normal cheese and gelatine for instance) - and eat fish. Over the last 6 weeks with the exception of two days, I've been doing green days. I'm thinking of doing red for a few days to see if this bumps my losses a bit.

Don't get me wrong I am thrilled with a 10lb loss over 6 weeks and I'm trying to keep this in perspective. I appreciate that every one is different and have different rates and have a positive attitude toward this. I remain amazed at the SW path because this is the happiest I've been for several years.

So today on red

Tesco roll (HeB)
1xQuorn sausage
1xegg in fry light
tom sauce (0.5 syn)
2x coffee with 1.5 sugar (4 syns I'm working on this - what a waste of syns!! I don't do this daily however)
2 x pears

I don't generally have lunch on a Sunday and go straight to dinner at around 3pmso will update the remaining later.

Thanks all.
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I've just started my diary off too so I thought I'd respond to yours! I don't feel able to offer too much advice as I've only been doing this about 10 days, but it sounds like you've already identified your need to drink more, which might help keep you fuller.

I'm sure you've thought of it too, but could you use sweetener instead of sugar in your coffee if you don't want to use the syns for your sugar? Just a thought!

Good luck with your continuing journey



There is only now
Thanks Rebecca! I do take splenda in my tea but it is yuck in coffee - I'm trying to wean myself off sugar in coffee - I just have one daily and it's my mid morning treat - I don't generally have two!!! I definitely have to drink more!!


No pain, no gain
You've done brilliantly so far. 10lbs in 6 weeks is excellent. Keep going and you'll get there. Stay strong. Xxxxx


There is only now
Thanks Juls. It sounds weird but the lack of processed rubbish in my diet is keeping my moods on such an even keel it's scary!!! And with that I hope to keep chipping away at it...what have I got to lose?!

Well today..I know I said I wouldn't have lunch but I had
2x scanbran (heb)
Quark with 1/2 a white choc options in it (1syn)

Dinner was a HUGE homemade stirfry with loads of superspeedy veggies in it and a 250g bag of king prawns (Is this bad???)
30g sweet ginger stir fry sauce (2syns)
1x pear

Mullerlight choc orange for supper with melon and an orange.

Milk for my tea/coffee was my HeA.
2 glasses of water
3 cups of tea with sweetener and milk from my allowance.

Total syns 9.5

30 mins aerobics with good ole Rosemary and 10 mins Cross Training - now that I've figured out how to use my dvd repeat properly I will deffo try that again.

I think I might be doing not enough cardio and too much weight and toning stuff. I can see my ass getting smaller but would like to see a change on the scale!!!


There is only now
Feeling good today. Really positive.

Here goes

Breakfast Weetabix x 2 Heb
Mullerlight vanilla
half a banana
two tbsps blueberries
Milk HeA(for drinks)
Glass of water

SW Pasta Quiche with leek, peppers and tomatoes (1/2 HeA)
Cherry Toms
1x orange
1x small apple

Snack - small portion of strawberries and grapes

Tesco L/C Brocolli and Cheese Pasta
(I'm guessing 3 syns for this but would appreciate advice if anyone knows - I've estimated this because it tastes v like the mushroom one at 1.5 syns)
Salad - lettuce, toms,spring onions, cumber,beetroot,pickled onions
Drizzle of tesco light salad cream (1syn)

Tonight I've had
2x tea (allowance with splenda)
1x highlights hot choc (3syns)

I love this diet - I NEVER feel hungry.

If anyone has any pointers I am TOTALLY open to criticism!:D

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