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Small dilemma...

When I started this diet over 14 weeks ago, I thought I would only be able to manage 8 weeks. Everything fitted nicely in with this time scale. My friends were all doing exams and dissertations. So everyone expected me to be finished by now, ie END OF EXAM parties!!!

Tomorrow night at Uni is one of the biggest nights of the year, and everyone is expecting me to be out and DRINKING!

Obviously the biggest motivator for me will be to go out and show off my new body, however, I know that my mates will expect me & most likely force me to drink.

I don't want to be stupid, and will do everything I can to be sensible but does anyone have any suggestions as to what I should do?

Shall I EAT some chicken tomorrow, as a precaution to any alcohol? (Just in case)

Im scared what alcohol will do to my body after living off the packs for 14 weeks.

No way will I be stupid, I know that, I don't even want to go, but I don't want to let my mates down, who I feel I have let down for the last 14 weeks by not being the same as I used to be, socially.

Any thoughts, ideas, are greatly welcomed.

Thanks in advance.
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Gone fishing
Be warned. I might be a bit harsh here:eek:

Tomorrow night at Uni is one of the biggest nights of the year, and everyone is expecting me to be out and DRINKING!
Why?? I reckon everyone will be out expecting themselves to drink. They rarely worry about what others are doing, as long as everyone is having a good time;)
I know that my mates will expect me & most likely force me to drink.
Alcohol is not a good idea on this diet. If you were allergic to nuts, would they be forcing peanuts down your throat? Probably not. Consider yourself allergic to alcohol for the time being. Tell them that you can't or you'll be ill.

I don't want to be stupid, and will do everything I can to be sensible but does anyone have any suggestions as to what I should do?
Don't drink alcohol;) Explain that it could make you ill and you want to enjoy the evening. Don't dwell on it, enjoy the evening. Nothing worse than people moping because they can't have this and that. Enjoy watching them embarass themselves :D
but I don't want to let my mates down, who I feel I have let down for the last 14 weeks by not being the same as I used to be, socially.
You won't be letting your friends down. Go back to the nut allergy again. Would you come home and say "X thoroughly spoilt our evening. She wouldn't let us force nuts down her throat:mad:"


Okay. Now the harsh bit. This might not be the case for you, but I've seen it over and over again. Often when people say "I need to eat/drink this and that because others will expect me to" what they mean is, "I want to eat/drink and so I'll blame my friends and family"

What if you hated alcohol? Your social life wouldn't be over. You'd enjoy it just as much.

Would you friends reject you for not wanting to drink something you hated?

So have a rethink. What do you really want?


The Diet Guy
I agree! I went out a load of times when on SS and didn't drink, if you drink fizzy water no one will even notice anyway and you will be surprised at what a good time you will have anyway!!

Hi Tommee, well done on your amazing losses.
This is a really difficult one. I had a couple of glasses of champagne at my brithday party the other week. It was just enough to stop me feeling deprived but surprizingly I didn't feel tipsey. I think it must be all the water. the even better news was that I didn't come out of ketosis.
Now I know there is no way you can drink champagne whilst you out but can you try to stick to the lower carb alcohols? Isn't there a low carb bottled beer?
My advice would be to plan ahead for all eventualities. Only drink as a last resort - and try to keep you water up. Just having made up my mind I would drink if I wanted to - was enough for me not to hit the bottle big stylie. In the past I would have downed a couple of bottles through out the night.
Good luck , Lx
The low carb bottled beer is a myth. Yes it has x% less carbs than other bottled beers BUT it is also x% smaller bottle!

As Karion said, just don't drink. They will all be amazed at how well you've done so far and I'm sure that they will all be so pleased for you that they will understand that having come this far you don't want to to do anything now that could a) ruin what you've done already, and b) make you ill.

I recently had to spend an evening at the pub with a load of old friends in aid of my best friend who is emigrating next week. I spent the whole night on pints of water, despite everyone there knowing that I would have loved a beer! No one attempted to force a drink on me, and everyone was really supportive because they could see what a difference this diet has made to me. I'm certain your friends will be the same.
Thanks for your responses.

I really appreciate it all.

Karion, you've said it all right. To be honest, I think I am going to go and get dressed up, nice and feel so confident and excited about seeing people I haven't seen since Christmas, and not worry about the alcohol. Like you say, I don't need it. I certainly don't WANT it, and I do not want to jeopardize my amazing loss.

I will go out, have a fab time, and not drink. I can do it!!! ::D:D:D:D:D


Gone fishing
That's fantastic tommee2004. You'll have the last laugh when you tell them of all the embarrassing things they did when drunk :D

It will be a major step forward for you on the head stuff front too. Not only can you say no to food, but also to drink....and still have a good time :D

Enjoy yourself. Knock 'em dead;)


Not dieting ATM!
Good decision Tommee

Rather than spoil your evening I bet it will make it all the more special and memorable.

You will also feel so proud of yourself afterwards and won't have the problems of trying to get back on track.

Have a great time!

Dizzy x


Silver Member
If you DO end up drinking, be careful.

People on VLCDs often turn to vodka or gin - no carbs - but with so little food in your stomach, and after so many months without alcohol, you may get very drunk, very fast.

If you do want to drink or find yourself persuaded to do so, have one small measure of something carb free or low in carbs, followed by a diet fizzy drink of some sort - Coke or Dr Pepper Zero or even diet Coke. If you have one or two diet fizzy drinks to every one measure of spirits (or whatever) you should stay relatively sober and thus minimise the damage to your diet.

Whatever you do try not to binge drink. You may end up staggering drunk and - horrors - eating every scrap of food in sight. Double Whammy!

If you do slip a bit more than you'd intended dust yourself off next morning, glug lots of water, and go on as though nothing had happened.

Hope you have a fab time.


Full Member
Not a good example, a horrible warning!

HIya Tommee

I was exactly where you are a week ago - I had a big thing (aftershow party) where everyone knew my 100 days were up, even though I was continuing with development, and I made the mistake of saying that ok, I would have one glass.

One and a half bottles of wine later, I had a) got myself drunk and b) accidentally snogged one of my co-actors mates who is about nine years younger than me. Ok, I'm slightly proud of that, but still...

I didn't eat everything in sight, but that's because I was too busy drinking it. And although I didn't get a hangover (did drink a lot of water in between glasses), I just knew I could have had just as good a time on sparkling water. :mad: It wasn't worth it. Your body mass is wildly different to what you are used to, and you simply won't be able to judge it properly. I know that's a bit of a practical reason not to do it rather than "you shouldn't" but it's true. :rolleyes:

Very best of luck with your party and decision,
I agree with Karion.

Why would you want to jeopardise your amazing loss just to please people?

Is it worth it?

I am glad you made a decision to do what YOU want and have a fantastic time! ;)


WOW - What a night!!! - and guess what, you helped me BIG TIME....



Everyone was soooo amazed and impressed, I got compliments from everyone, people said I looked amazing - I felt on top of the world!

You really helped me big time, as I stuck to my water,m and still and a wicked night.

We stayed up till 5am! Ordered Pizza (but I just watched them eat it ... hehe.... excellent achievement. I have overcome my 2 biggest things - BOOZE and PIZZA *these are what made me fat* and I managed to get through without either and still have an amazing night and my mates all finished Uni in style!!! Next year wont be the same as my mates are all leaving but it was a fab night!!!

I'll post some photos!!! Have a great weekend everyone!!!
Tommee, you did AWESOME!!!!!

I am glad you had a fantastic night - and you stayed till 5am, just drinking water! Wow, that is quite a feat!

Well done!!!! :D


Silver Member
Tommee well done! You did brilliantly to get through the night (and morning) and enjoy it --- good on you :)



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Hi tommee,

I have been catching up and I agree with you that you got some fabulous advice on this thread.

Delighted your night out was such a brill success!!!

Your a star:D

Love Mini xxx

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