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Smallerme does the Whole30, I am cavewoman hear me roar

S: 20st4lb G: 10st0lb
Tonight I've taken the plunge and ordered 28 days worth of exante. Over the next few days I'm going to up my fluids, reduce my carbs and get ready for the switch. Not sure if no work and it being half term this week is a good time or a mad time to be a grumpy, hungry woman.

Hoping to have a productive 28 days and hope that I like the packs or can at least make them palatable. I'm guessing I'm going to be waffling a lot over the coming month.;)
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S: 20st4lb G: 10st0lb
This is it, had a vanilla shake for breakfast which was quite nice after the initial mouthful. Have already drunk about 2l of water & tea. Woke up with awful stomach cramps this morning which I'm guessing is from over eating at the buffet restaurant yesterday. Hoping they'll pass soon.

I have my bar in my bag as I'm at my sisters. Not hungry yet but I'm sure it will come. I weighed in at 251.4 today, that's the buffet's fault as I was 249.6 on Monday morning. My plan is to ask dh to hide the scales until next Weds as obsessive daily weighing won't help me these first few days.


taking it 1 day at a time
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Good luck smallerme, if you can stick with it you'll soon be watching those pounds melt away.

Btw, I "know" you from another forum, will pm you over there.
S: 20st4lb G: 10st0lb
Ohh do pm me, always good to "know" people. I have just finished my soup, thai chicken, and it was ok. I jazzed it up with pepper & hot sauce. Had a bar at 2pm, toffee, nut & raisin, that was ok too. I'm feeling relief really that I know I like some. I'm probably most nervous about strawberry & banana flavours, sure I can stomach the soups.

I've got an app for my phone to help monitor water, tbh I've not struggled at all with the liquids, had a lot of tea today and I'm peeing my leg off. I think the timing of the food has worked quite well, 10, 2 & 6pm, though evenings are the time I'm most likely to eat. It will probably be different on work days, although I could take my shake with me for breakfast and drink it whilst doing my calls. Not feeling hungry yet, but that's because I've got a stomach full of soup. Feeling a slight headache but not too bad, I also think the cramps might be TOTM related.

My dh got a new job today (yay) and he's having a curry to celebrate with his friend, so ask me in a couple of hours how I'm feeling and it might be a different story. I could always retreat upstairs with my laptop, or have a nice bath, use some lush goodies on my skin.

Looking forward to honking later!


taking it 1 day at a time
S: 12st5.8lb C: 12st5.8lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 29.8 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Hi S, hope you managed to get through the evening ok. Wednesday's are pretty good for me, DH goes potholing so I've got 3 girls to bath, tomorrows lunches to make, homework to help with, tea to cook, tidying round to do. Its quite nice just to save my bar until the girls are in bed and sit down with a cuppa.

Right, off over to the other place to pm you.
S: 20st4lb G: 10st0lb
Day two- Morning, I've woken up feeling very positive, just having a cuppa whilst the girls have their brekkie, I'm not ready for my shake yet. Half term so no rushing about, bliss. Plan of attack today is much the same as yesterday although I'm going to try pick up some boullion on my travels to give myself a savoury warm drink. Dh has hidden the scales so I can't peak this morning, I did jump on them before bed and they were saying 250.6 so that's good for the end of the first day, I usually weigh more at the end of the day than the beginning, not so yesterday. I normally weigh on a Monday but may change to a Weds so I have a full week of exante to measure.

11 am Half a strawberry shake has hit the spot, I was nervous about this one but pleasantly surprised. Not overly sweet and no big fake taste either, it's a winner. I made it a bit thinner than the vanilla and that helped too. I better pack some more tea, going back to my sister's to take my niece home and my dad is coming over too. So have plenty to keep me occupied.

5:30pm Gah I feel like crap, suddenly got spots before the eyes and feeling very lightheaded. Started whilst I'm cooking tea for the girls, I've warned dh he's cooking for the next 2-3nights as I'm expecting it to get even tougher. I drank the rest of my shake before I went out so don't have that. I had some boullion and the coffee machine is on, hopefully it'll help settle me down and I'll have some soup shortly. I forsee a very earlier night as I'm not seeing the screen properly, hope it settles down.

6:30pm Tomato & basil is pretty disgusting, I swallowed it anyway, enhanced with some curry powder. At least it's warm and has filled my stomach somewhat.

9:30pm Bit of a headache, took painkilers earlier. Had a lovely bath and blow dried my hair, felt more relaxed and the spots before the eyes went. I've made a decision to do shakes & bars now and drop the soup. So tomorrow's plan of action is shake, bar, shake. I knew it was not going to be easy and I'm really pleased that my willpower seems to be kicking, my stubborn traits do come in useful sometimes. Just having a bedtime cuppa or two and then going to try an early night. I can't tell you how sane and focused reading the diaries on this forum is keeping me.
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Day 3
9am Morning, I've declared a pj day, hanging around the house appeals after a busy week of going out every day although we may go out later. I got a dusky pink (traces) stick before bed last night and a bright pink + this morning on the ketostix. Hoping that's a good sign. I've been drinking loads, around 4l so don't think I'm dehydrated, though my little one does feed a lot still overnight. It was negative yesterday though so feeds hadn't affected it then. It will be great if the effects of ketosis kick in already in line with the pink sticks as I'm expected today will be very hard. Just having a cuppa, will have a shake in a while.

10am Banana & cinnamon shake, mmm, that's really nice. Again, no big fake banana taste and not too sweet. I'm really liking the shakes, could get used to this. Only chocolate to try now and I'm saving that for my tea.

2:45pm I tell you what, the toffee bar tastes a heck of a lot nicer then it did two days ago. Just sitting with a cuppa and the bar whilst the little one sleeps and the bigger two are supposed to be tidying their room. Enjoying 5mins peace before world war 3 breaks out up there.

7:30pm I'm feeling ok, just had the chocolate shake around 7pm and that was nice. The bacon the family were having with their jackets smelt nice, but I was ok with it, leftovers went straight in the bin or dogs bowl. I haven't been tempted to actually eat anything yet which is good. Had lots of tea & water again. It was much nicer to have a shake again than a soup. Had some boullion about 6pm too which is soupish without the funny aftertaste.

I'm thinking 2 more days and I'll have cracked it, and I've done 3 already. Already getting used to this way of eating. I guess for me it's giving me a lot of control over what I eat because of the limited choices. I don't have to think how many kcals/syns/points is this, can I have x,y,z, maybe a break from food will do me good. Give me time to break the bad habits that made me fat in the first place and relearn good ones when I get back to reintroducing food.
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Day 4 10pm
Feeling shattered but in a good way, spent a long day in York, at the NRM and a walk around the city centre. We got there for 9:30am and didn't get home until 7pm. Walked a couple of miles around the town and then all the walking in the museum itself.

I think I've hit ketosis as I wasn't tempted by all the yummy cafe goodies, had a shake before I went, my bar at 2:30 whilst the girls had a cupcake and a shake when I got back. It was harder in Asda, I went shopping on my way home but not too bad. Got a couple of nice drinks for me as a treat. Not going to have too many though. I guess it just feels strange not buying anything nice to eat for me when shopping. On the other hand exante really is taking the pressure off me, no thinking about food.

First 4 days almost over, I'm feeling really proud that I'm giving this 100%. I was going to avoid weighing until weds when it'll be a week of exante however I want to join the March challenge so will need to do it on Monday to get the weight for the whole month. I may lower it a couple of pounds and join in on weds as it's the TOTM and I should be less bloated and have a better loss by Weds.

Good moment this morning, my pull-me-in knickers feel a lot looser, will need a smaller pair soon.
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Hi smaller me, pleased it's going well for you, I enjoy the timed updates in your posts, makes for a interesting read. Now Friday and Saturday's out of the way, you're home free! Gl on your journey! :-0
S: 20st4lb G: 10st0lb
Day 5 7:30pm
I got organised and took some water, my shake & shaker, a bar and some teabags in a bag for work, and then typical of my job I got no time to sort the shake out. Ate the bar in the car when out and about on visits, managed to drink lots.

Got home just after 4:30, had my shake and a bit of a crisis, (posted on the panic button thread), but I've got through the other side. I've just had my second shake of the day hot, as a thick hot chocolate and enjoyed that. Apart from the lumps, why can't I get chocolate lump free, all the other flavours are fine?

I really want to start breaking the negative thoughts cycle, earlier I said something and my dh totally rephrased it. And I was like yeah, that's much more positive, I need to start thinking like that. I'm doing great and I might want food but I've chosen not to eat that anymore as I'm choosing the lose the weight that's making me miserable.

Going to brew up soon and go post my 5th honk in a row.

Highlight of the day: feeling my work trousers getting baggy, I'll soon need new ones

Positive thought for the day: I am emotionally hungry through a formed habit, its ok to acknowledge the thought and let it drift away.
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Day 6, already.
8:30am Happy Monday everyone. Trying a different approach today as it's another work day. Having my shake now and will take my bar with me although undecided whether to have it during or after work. Hopefully I then won't feel cheated that I don't get time to drink it. Hope everyone has a good day today.

3pm Just nipped home before school and also just popped into aldi for a few bits after work. I feel completely different today, I think having the shake early helped, I had the bar about 1-ish. I don't feel hungry, I don't feel like I could ramraid the cupboards, it's progress.

6:30pm That's teatime over with, it got pretty tough back there. I licked a bit of marmite from my finger :giggle: I wondered if I'm craving a bit of salt. I did think about cooking an egg, but it's passing now. I am bound to feel hungry whilst cooking tea, the garlic bread aroma was lovely. Food is nice, but I've made a positive choice to do exante for a while, it's not going to be forever.

9:30pm Had another craving moment but it passed a lot more quickly than the other. Reached for a cuppa and sat with it. Discovering that I really do want to get slim.

Positive thought: I am strong, it would have been easy to eat the garlic bread, I chose not to.

High moment: I'm taking this from my day out on Saturday, I realised I was under the weight limit for the segways at the NRM, I wouldn't have been in January. Pretty funny I thought.
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OMG these cravings are just like it was when giving up smoking, the urge to smoke/eat is really strong and then suddenly it's gone again. I know from giving up the cigs that it eventually gets to a stage where cravings are very infrequent, it's 10yrs since I stopped and I only crave them now a few times a year. I am going to apply the sheer bloodymindedness that got me through that and helped me quit to losing this weight. I am the most stubborn person I know, I can use my Taurean trait to my advantage. Perseverance will pay off.


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Day 7
6pm: I'm hours away from my first exante goal which is 100% for 7 days. I can't wait to tick that box. It's also weigh day in the morning, trying not to build up my expectations too high, a loss is the right direction whatever it is. I have to be honest with myself at the same time and say the main reason I'm doing a VLCD is because of the faster results they produce. Why else would anyone starve themselves, it's not for fun that's for sure.

I have sore lips, I've drunk plenty but was getting a dry mouth really quickly at work today. Not had a crisis point yet and I've finished work, gone shopping and made tea, so feeling good about that. Faced lots of temptation without a craving. Just had a choc shake and now having some boullion.

10pm Yay I've got through my first 7 days. Pretty chuffed to have stuck to it 100%, next target 14 days TS. Dh has got the scales out but I'm not going to step on them until morning and i'm getting excited about it.

Positive thought of the day: I can do anything I set my mind to, I am losing this weight

Highlight of the day: Feeling the very baggy bum in my jeans so going upstairs to try on a smaller sized pair, and they fit :D I know these are on the smaller side of that size too.
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Doing it exante style :)
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Smallerme said:
Day 7
6pm: I'm hours away from my first exante goal which is 100% for 7 days. I can't wait to tick that box. It's also weigh day in the morning, trying not to build up my expectations too high, a loss is the right direction whatever it is. I have to be honest with myself at the same time and say the main reason I'm doing a VLCD is because of the faster results they produce. Why else would anyone starve themselves, it's not for fun that's for sure.

I have sore lips, I've drunk plenty but was getting a dry mouth really quickly at work today. Not had a crisis point yet and I've finished work, gone shopping and made tea, so feeling good about that. Faced lots of temptation without a craving. Just had a choc shake and now having some boullion.
7 days 100% well done you :)
They way you talk in ur diary is how I feel too.
Can't wait to get rid of this last few stones :) x


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We've started at a really similar weight, I really hope that I'm as successful as you are at losing it.


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Day 8

First weigh in on exante today and from last weds morning I'm 7.5lb down. I'd managed to put on 1.5lb from Mon-Weds but that could have been TOTM bloating as well as the buffet, lol. So 6lb down on my overall weight. Very happy with that, it's half a stone in a week, which really spurs me on to continue with exante. It means I've lost my dd3 in weight and 10% of my weight overall. Amazing, in just 8 weeks of different diets. My target for next week is to get into the 30lb loss mark which I think is acheivable.

8:30pm Well what a downer after such a good morning. Had a real struggle, felt very hungry, I very nearly ate. It has mostly passed now, I think I'm going to have an early night.

Highlight of the day: Being asked twice today if I've lost weight :D

Positive thought: Accepting compliments graciously makes me feel good, learning not to put myself down when someone says something nice.
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Day 9 Yawn, I'm still tired despite going to sleep about 9:30 last night. Hoping it will do me good. Today is a new day, and it's going to be a good one.

1pm Have had my shake this morning, a bar & some boullion at lunch, physically couldn't drink any more. I'm having something to eat, cooking some haddock & an egg now and then plan to do my normal shake this evening. Really feeling it badly again, and need to eat something.

11pm No honk for me today because I ate, but I'm glad I did as I feel so much better. Ready to get back to 100% in the morning. Been out tonight and didn't feel hungry or tempted by the biscuits on offer.

Positive thought: Trust yourself, this is not a pass/fail exam, if it's real hunger I need to eat, I made a good judgement call today.

Highlight: I made a sensible food choices that didn't spoil my diet. I am in control of what I eat.
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morning smallerme im on day 9 to 6lbs is a good loss i managed 6.5 but on the first 3 days i ate tuna,ham and boiled eggs to get past my dreaded day 3/4 lol but i managed also had a boilded egg and tuna for dinner yesterday but that wasnt because i was hungry i ve challenged myself to tackle the 30 day shred didnt know how tough it was going to be so ate prior so i didnt pass out lol, turns out i cant do push ups for all the life in me ha ha must have looked like a beach whale lmao well stick at it ill keep having a nosy on your posts and roll on nxt weds weigh in :)

Start exante J
Get past the 1st weekJ
Lose ½ stone
Make it past week 2
Drop a dress size
Lose 1 stone
Lose 1 ½ stone
Get under 200lbs
Get bmi under 40


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Day 10, into double figures now :D

10am A good morning, woke up feeling good. My 7yr old said to me, "They're nice jeans mum are they new?" That made me feel good as they're my size smaller ones, and they don't feel at all tight. It's nice to be wearing them. A new day, and my target is to get to the end of it at 100%.

12:30pm Just tried an asda choc measure up bar instead of an exante, it was quite nice, like a bar of chocolate, woohoo. I have made a decision that as long as I get good losses, that I'm definitely going to continue on exante until my birthday at the end of April. It's 56 days away and should mean I'll have nailed 2 stone and maybe a few more pounds, my definition of a good loss is a stone a month. I will see how I feel then.

My sister's hen night is the 11th June, wedding the week after, so I'm definitely going to enjoy myself on them. My dd1's birthday is the day before the hen night so I could stop then, have the weekend off. Diet Mon-Fri (maybe 5 days of shakes) to lose the hen night weekend weight and have a great wedding with her. It's not that long really, dd1 is already planning her birthday, it'll soon fly. Overall it's a really short space in my life.

8:30pm Well today has been really easy, I feel so much better again. I've just had some good retail therapy in costco, a set of amazing stainless steel pans that I'm looking forward to cooking in even though I'm not eating. Our old set was falling to bits despite not being 4yrs old yet. These were £145 but well worth it, the bases weigh a ton, a set for life. And I got myself some birkis ready for summer too. Not only am I lighter but my purse is too.
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