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Smoked gammon steak & slow cooker

Discussion in 'SW Winter Warmer Recipes' started by andilou, 19 September 2010 Social URL.

  1. andilou

    andilou Full Member

    I have a slow cooker, I have a smoked gammon joint - Any ideas?!!!!
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  3. tazbabe

    tazbabe Gold Member

    soak it first to get rid of the salt, then just pop it in there with a little water....no added fat required, leave it either all day or all night, no lid lifting! it will come out tender and yummy. the aroma will drive you crazy!
  4. andilou

    andilou Full Member

    ooh sounds yummy!! do I need to boil it to get rid of salt, or just plonk it in some water for a while?!!
    Sorry - I'm a newbie at this slow cooker stuff!!!
  5. cara08

    cara08 Silver Member

    i always soak and rinse well in cold water then pat dry, put in slow cooker and pour a bottle of pepsimax in with the gammon, sounds disgusting but tastes loverly!!
  6. tazbabe

    tazbabe Gold Member

    i used to do that too, pre diet days.....then reduce the coke and add cream for a nice sauce.
  7. emma-louise

    emma-louise Silver Member

    pre sw, i used to cover the joint with mustard and then pat brown sugar on it and roast it, comes out all sweet and caramelly yum yum yum!! xx
  8. jen3

    jen3 Silver Member

    I do these loads. I put in a pan of cold water, bring to the boil and simmer for 10 mins to get rid of salt. Then rinse it well under the tap. Then in the slow cooker totally on its own. I do mine on high for about 3 1/2 hours (for a 750g one)

    I make mine into broth afterwards and if I'm being really nice I let dh and the kids have some for sarnies!!!
  9. not_lar_croft

    not_lar_croft Silver Member

    Wow never thought of doing a gammon in a slow cooker. Not sure of adding the coke though!!!! Do I need to cover the whole of it with water or just part of it?
  10. I have cooked it in coke - it doesn't taste bad at all !!
  11. Girl27

    Girl27 fattybumbum

    do you need to put something at bottom of slow cooker or doesnt it matter? i read you need to put a upside down plate or halved onions to prop the gammon onto?
  12. blonde8

    blonde8 Full Member

    Do u need to add liquid when cooking a joint in a slow cooker xx
  13. juju79

    juju79 Full Member

    You don't have to add liquid but I always like to add something like veg or chicken stock for ease of mind if nothing else.

    I also like to add some veg to the bottom as this is how I was taught to use the slow cooker, don't know if it is necessary or not though.

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