Smoking and weight-loss?

Discussion in 'Quit Smoking' started by night-owl, 13 July 2008 Social URL.

  1. night-owl

    night-owl Gold Member

    Hi I am on week 3 of a vlcd diet and already my weight loss seems to have dramtically slowed. Once again it feels like my body is very reluctant to let go of fat. I read somewhere that the body stores all its toxins in fat and that is why it is reccomended that you detox to lose weight as once the toxins are released the body will be less worried about burning up the fat. I just wonder with smoking, my body fat is so packed with toxins that that is why it is stubbornly holding on to fat -- as if it would almost be dangerous for it to burn the fat as it would release these toxins into the blood stream.

    Has anyone successfully lost weight -- right down to goal -- while still smoking?
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  3. moskinny

    moskinny Member

    Dont worry about the loss being slow, you are losing which is what you want, just remember it never went on that quick. Our bodies all work differently however a VLCD is dramatic and will lose weight qucikly you do need to think about your inches too though, if your up for it, do some mild toning and walking it burns so much believe me, and the more you have burn off (fat) the harder the body has to work, so all round you cant get it wrong.

    Good luck hun stay positive.
    P. S. i found a great guy on you tube, search for Jorge the excerise guru.
  4. night-owl

    night-owl Gold Member

    Thanks, I will.
    Hanging in there. Slow but sure!

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