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  1. daisey

    daisey Full Member

    can you smoke while on this diet?? I was a very very casual smoker (usually one or two after a few wines!) but i seem to be smoking a little bit more! i can stop if i want but just wondering if you can on this diet? x
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  3. Trying to be me

    Trying to be me New Member

    I'm a smoker and have never exsperianced any problems whilst being on this diet. Obviously smoking isnt good for you and if you can quit then try it, maybe it would be easier for you to quit after you finsihed youre diet?
  4. chunkychops

    chunkychops Silver Member

    im puffing away effects here with regards to the diet....altho im still getting the obvious harm from smoking!
  5. daisey

    daisey Full Member

    oh good, i will deffo wait till ive finished the diet! i dont smoke alot though but i do look forward to them! x
  6. twinkle82

    twinkle82 Silver Member

    Unfortunately,I am chuffing away like a chimney but it really doesn't make any difference to LT whatsoever.I don't think I could cope without smoking as well,however that will be my next goal,once I'm settled into a decent eating pattern and I will constantly be monitoring my weight as it's notorious for a quitter to eat more :(,good luck on your journey x
  7. rosehale

    rosehale Full Member

    I've defiantly smoked so much more since being on LT which I'm a little disappointed about as I was doing well with cutting down, it's either boredom or the fact it's the only other thing I can have I don't know but I couldn't do the LT and give up smoking at the same time! I'd end up with no husband or arrested for assault (feel sorry for him having to put up with me at the mo!)
    I'm going to concentrate on my LT first then when I've reached my target goal or maybe even a little before I'll give up, but in the meantime I'm off for another cigarette! :D

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