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Smoothies, juices and pro points...

I really like making my own smoothies and juicers, but there is a lot of conflicting advice on how to point them. I asked WW, and thought others might be interested in their reply:

"When something is juiced it removes most of the fibre content and you could drink a lot of concentrated juice in one glass (for example you could juice 8 apples and drink that in one go), hence it will be high in calories and low in fibre so not particularly filling (it will be high in energy density).

Any fruit or vegetable juice will indeed have ProPoints value, unless you have it within a portion size that does not ‘make it’ to a ProPoints value. On the ProPoints plan there are lots of zero ProPoints value foods - and they can be so for 2 reasons:

1. Because we have made then zero as part of the system. 2. Because they are so low in nutrients that they do not equate to a ProPoints value in that portion. However, when you eat larger portions they do 'make it' to a ProPoints value worth, and therefore have a ProPoints value.

For all of theses instances we have listed the portion size that 'makes it' to a ProPoints value first in the basic food lists in the Pocketguide. This is why you’ll see that 100ml glass of tomato juice is zero but 250ml is 1.

To be as accurate as possible, always work out the ProPoints values of the food or drink you are going to have from the nutrition label (unless the food is zero because we’ve made it in the system, and juices are not zero in the system).

However, making a smoothie is a different matter as you are still eating the whole fruit or vegetables and so still eating all of the nutrients it contains, including the fibre.

Fruit or vegetables used in a smoothie can be counted as zero, as long as the member is making it themselves and uses the whole fruit.

If you would like to work out the Pro Point value of the juice you want to have you can simply go onto the website to the Pro Points tracker, then select " find and explore " on the left hand side of the page and then you can enter the type of juice you want such as " apple juice " and it will pull up all the different types and also the self pressed type, on that page you will also be able to adjust the portion size so that the Pro Points are more accurate."

I have to say, I'm still not 100% clear, mainly because I do WW online so I don't have the pocket guide and I can't find the section of the website they refer to!

Off to re-inspect the website now, I hope that this information is helpful for someone :)
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I think what they mean is that with a juice, you could use a huge amount of fruit to produce it, and therefore consume a lot more than if you were have a smoothie, as if you put more than a few fruits in it, it would be so thick as to be undrinkable, so you are automatically limiting your intake already due to the increased fibre content, I. E . It would be very uncomfortable to eat ten oranges, yet very easy to drink a juice made from ten oranges. Hope this helps

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