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Snacking issues


I am having trouble keeping on track with dieting. I seem to get really pickish towards the end of the day when dinner is over and I am sick of snacking on fruit. I can be golden all day and have 4-5 syns but at night I blow it on junk. Monday I went over by 8.5 syns and yesterday I had a sausage roll from the bakers and didnt even think about my diet till I was throwing the rubbish in the bin. It was a complete mistake.

But like I said my problem is I snack after dinner, and because I stay up late (ish... about 11:30-12:30) I tend to get hungry n just go for a couple of biscuits or a little chocolate and then I go over.

I have tried snacking on fruit but I get so bored of it.

I wondered if any of you had any ideas to help me satisfy my sweet late night cravings. :confused:
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Call me Nicky xx
I made the ferrero rochers and they are devine and perfect for snacking.

You get 5 scan bran, crush them up finely, add 2 tablespoons of Nutella, blend together and roll into small balls. I made about 15. The whole lot works out at about 8 syns IF you use the scan bran as a HEb. If you stick them in the fridge they go solid and taste just like ferrero rocher. perfect.


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have you tried yogurts? muller lights are free! The new vanilla ones with choc in are lovely.
or what about meringue nests, (3syns) with some sweet fruit on the top, like berries or strawberries?
a curly wurly is only 5 syns so if you save up during the day you could have that at the end of the day :)
Hot chocolate? the cadbury highlight ones are only about 1.5 syns (i think).
There is also something that I havent tried yet - they are ice cream lollies, skinnycow i think they are called? they arent many syns either. Some low fat ice cream isnt very many, you could look them up on the website.
Its okay to snack on choc/biscuits at night - just fit them around your syn allowance! have lots of fruit and veg throughout the day, lots of free healthy food, and then you have syns at night to be spent on choc/biscuits. its what sw is all about - not depriving yourself!
if i think of any more i will come back - good luck let me know how you get on!
i know how you feel. i dont snack between meals ever but night time is a nightmare for me. its not even because im hungry, i think it has become habit. as much as i try to enjoy it, eating fruit is such a chore for me :sigh:

ive recently been saving 1 hexb for a night time mint choc hifi bar which i must admit has been hitting the spot!

how about hot chocolate? i sometimes find an options helps - especially the banana flavour ones and the hazlenut flavour smells exactly like ferrero rocher x


Call me Nicky xx
another good one is buy some popping corn. You can get 28g of popcorn for 5.5 syns if you pop it yourself without fat. You can then sprinkle some sweetner on them to make it sweet.
Night time is my biggest problem too, I don't snack during the day but then once the kids are in bed I am in and out of the kitchen for the rest of the evening and yes it is a habit, not because I am hungry.

I tend to save my syns for the evenings for this very reason, I also tend to eat fromage frais mixed with a little sweetener and vanilla extract and a choc options/highlights mixed in (2 syns), or without the choc hilights, I will mix a crushed meringue nest into the fromage frais and some raspberries, this makes like an eton mess for 3 syns, the skinny cow ice creams are 4 syns roughly I think, I will also have muller lights, sometimes a total 0% fat greek yogurt with a tsp of honey mixed in (1/2 syn) or even a crushed digestive biscuit in there too (total 3.5 syns) the list is endless once you start experimenting!!!
WOW nice to know I'm not alone. You lot have some great ideas. I really like the sound of the scan bran and nutella. Where do you buy scan bran, i have never heard of it. I am gonna buy some of the options drinks aswell and the muller lights. My SW leader told me about those and my friend has tried them and said they were nice.

I love cadbury mousses. Never thought about those. any idea how many syns?

I have done really well today, had 1.5 syns and that was a oxo cube in my stew! lol.

Might treat myself to a curly wurly tonight.

You lot are brill! Thanks.


yo-yo dieter no more!
I am having the same problem at the moment. My OH is away for 7 weeks, and so once the kids are in bed, I find myself wanting to pick!
I now try and stick to free food all day and save as many syns and Hex's as possible for the evening!
I snack on Curly wurly's, french fries, free yogurts, ham, cheese triangles or babybels (HEXA), or vegetable sticks and Houmous(28/57 g is a HEX on green). I have also just discovered that the lemon Hifi bars that you can buy from class are very yummy and sweet enough to satisfy my sweet cravings and they are a HEXb. At a push and if I am actually feeling hungry as opposed to wanting to snack, I will use my HEXb on nimble and have beans or tinned tomatoes on toast, depending on what day I am on!
I also drink lots of tea and low calorie squash as this seems to help!

Just stay focused, be prepared by having lots of free/low syn snacks available and you will be fine!
You can also get Scan Bran from your SW class Hun....just read that you go to class. Its slightly cheaper too.


I'm a raver baby!
The low fat Cadbury chocolate mousses are 3.5 syns. The none low fat ones are higher, 5 or 6 I think. But the low fat ones are just as good in my opinion and I'm the kind of girl that would rather spend the syns required for full fat mayo instead of extra light, butter instead of low fat spread and real cake instead of lower fat stuff!


soon to be skinny minnie
I know you said you are sick of fruit, however i chop up lots of apple and cover with a thick layer of total fat free yoghurt, then sprinkle sweetner. IT really satisfys me and it has been my saviour xx


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I'm the same! My evening habit is now 2 x alpen light (HEXb) and a muller light (or 2 if I really fancy it! lol). I'm not a big fan of fruit on a night for some reason but will happily snack on it during the day.


rainbows holiday buddy :)
why don't you plan another meal into your day? so if you eat dinner at 5pm plan to have another meal at around 8 or 9pm. if nightime is your hungry time then eat at night. if you get into the habit as your stomach shrinks you'll naturally stop eating the extra meal. i always make extra dinner, so if i'm hungry later i can eat that instead of grabbing junk food.


Minimins is the best!
i find that mugshots are really nice and filling, the tomato and herb and chicken ones are free, i have them at work when im feeling hungry in the afternoon and in the eve I normally have a muller but another lady on here was saying she makes up some pudding rice, mixes in a yoghurt and some fresh friut, sounds much more filling :) and yummy!
why don't you plan another meal into your day? so if you eat dinner at 5pm plan to have another meal at around 8 or 9pm. if nightime is your hungry time then eat at night. if you get into the habit as your stomach shrinks you'll naturally stop eating the extra meal. i always make extra dinner, so if i'm hungry later i can eat that instead of grabbing junk food.
Thanks for that, I did that tonight, cooked my dinner then as soon as it was done i put a jacket potatoe in and used my ha cheese with it. i have just finished that, feel full as a pig now but there's a wholenut in the cupboard that has been sitting there since i started dieting and im soooo tempted to have a square, i have been a very good girl all day!

Some great ideas off all of you though thanks.

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