Sneaky Mid Week Weigh-Ins...


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Anyone get tempted to do sneaky mid week weigh ins?

I just did one coz the scales kept calling my name when i went to the bathroom... :ashamed0005:

Are they bad or good? As long as you don't get too carried away with it, i think they are good... They provide a bit of motivation to keep going, but i thought i would only do mid week weigh ins to see if the weight loss is in my head or not :p :D
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I weigh daily, always have! Its just really nice to see them going down now! My scales were very expensive and are not kept in the bathroom for that reason. They are kept outside my bedroom door. As they measure in 8ths of lbs, so show even a small change.


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They're great the first week when you literally see the lbs fall of but after that? Stick to once a week. Unless you can be sure that the scales not changing daily isn't going to bother you one way or another.

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I'm terrible - always been a daily weigher - helps me keep going and rectify anything if necessary - amazing however how much it can fluctuate - time of day etc so be careful - some can manage once a week but for me the daily weighing keeps me going -whatever floats your boat - important not to get disheartened though if not so dramatic after first few weeks


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I used to daily weigh but try not to now....its much better to see a weekly loss. Sayin that i sometimes slip and find myself on the scales in the morning....trying hard to get out of the habit! xx


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I weigh daily, I figure if I would have done that when I was gaining weight I would have never ever let myself get to this size.


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I'm a sneaky mid weeker, I use the wii. I seem to drop the pounds early in the week and only manage a pound from thursday to sunday but it's nice. make sure it's the same time of day and remember the body can change up or down two pounds in one day xx


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You have a point there Chika. I have no problem weighing daily when I've been really good, or on plan, but avoid the scales if there is any chance I have gained. Which means of course, I was in complete denial every time I put on weight.

I have had the occasional sneaky scales peek in between weigh ins, and great as it is at first, it can be dispiriting when it fluctuates, either through going off plan, or just daily differences. I don't have the will power not to sneak a peek though!