snow time off work


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In the last week we have been sent home early three days in a row because of the weather (one day we had only just got into office), as far as I know the people who can't in in my office aren't penalised (could be wrong on that, but no one has said anything different). They are just expecting people to be sensible and if they can't get in they can't get in.

Hope some of that made sense! Bit of a ramble


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I work in the private sector and same rules apply.



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I work from home so no problem :-D

My partner is a lorry driver. Yesterday he got a lift to work by his supervisor and then got dropped back off about 2 hours later as it wasn't safe to take the lorries out so they will all get paid.

Today he has to get to a different depot. If he doesn't get there he won't get paid but the chances are when he does get there they won't be allowed to go out again. The difference is the supervisor there will make them stay until mid-afternoon.


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I had to take Wednesday off as my car was stuck on the drive and public transport isn't an option. I thought I would have to take it as unpaid, but my manager said they're not allowed to do that and it would be paid holiday. I don't know, however, if it comes out of my entitlement for the year, or if it will just be an 'extra' day? Surely everyone would take time off if they do that though?


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I work in the public sector and for us it is managers discretion. I am very fortunate and the boss has said that no one should lose out due to the weather.
I had done some planning and took some work home so did manage to get some bits and pieces done.


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Legally an employer does not have to pay you if you can not make it in to work, even if it is not your fault due to the severe weather (i.e. they put it down as unpaid leave)

Our company has decided to write off any absences from last week but from Monday if you can't make it in then they will mark it down as half a days holiday for each day you can not make it. I think this is a reasonable compromise.

I am lucky enough to be able to do my job from home.


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I work in a school and although I could actually walk to work - there is no point when the school is closed. So I have no idea where I stand with regards to pay.

I did bring paperwork home with me last week but now that is done there is nothing more that I can do. Won't know til tomorrow morning if the school is open, although I can't see it, so I take each day as it comes.