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***snowy super saturday daily thread***

Hello daily threaders

Running out of comments about the weather, just hopw that everyone is keeping wrapped up and warm.

On a positive note, ketosis is definitely happening, hoorah hoorah. Today is day 6 and I haven't been out the door since Tuesday (out for about ten minutes to post a letter) - goodness knows what I would have done without the forum!

Plans for today are very dull. Due to having had a cold this week (feeling much better now, more hoorahs!) I didn't get as much work done as I had hoped so I will sit in the warmth, TV on for maybe a nice afternoon film and get on with some online 'paperwork'.

Now off for a good lie-in, deserve it after almost getting through first week of re-start.

A genuine thanks to you all for helping me get back on the CD wagon and a special message to anyone on first day or still at the very early stage - you can do it, this greedy chocaholic is proof that it will be fine once you are past the first few days :giggle:
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Slimming down the aisle
Wow you're ahead of the game here!! hehe Good start :) Glad you're feeling a lot better, colds suck! And well done on your restart, good to have you back. I'm about to head to bed, so that' day 1 of my restart over and done with, onwards and upwards... well, hopefully downwards! Goodnight all!
Ah Caroline, its the young and energetic (you) and the old and insomniac (me) that is still up at this hour. Just thinking back to my 20's, getting home at 4 or 5 am after a great night out, happy memories, I would now be yawning if I was at a club!

Good Luck with your Easter challenge, lots of motivators there like trip to Barcelona!

And well done to you on getting that dreaded first day out of the way!


WILL be Slim!
morning all! more snow fallen here in Northants which is a bit of a pain now.When it was getting me out of going into the office, it was a good thing, but i have an interview on monday which i HAVE to get to, so hoping it clears up a bit now!

Weigh in today! I've been wondering whether to have one or not as its only day 5 of SS, but i cant do next weekend as its my DD's birthday so i will be slaving away in the kitchen so getting weighed today and then in a fortnight! EEEK! Wish me luck!
I FEEL slimmer, and DH said he already noticed a difference in my figure when naked so fingers crossed hay! I am really hard on myself with rediculous expectations so i will probably still come away a little downhearted no matter how much a lose! lol.
Gotta remember its only been 5 days!!!!

Wish me luck!

Hope everyone else has a super day! :D



Silver Member
Good morning everyone!

Bling, glad you're feeling better. Hope you're enjoying that long lie as I type!! Your plans for today sound great actually - cosy on the sofa watching a film :) Enjoy!

Caroline, how are you doing? Hope Day 2 treats you well.

Lizz, good luck with your WI - I'm sure you'll do great. You have such determination that you can't fail to lose!

I have a bit of tidying and domestics planned for this morning and then a friend is arriving in the afternoon to help me go through all the clothes I bought in the sales for taking to Australia. Can't believe it's only 2 weeks on Monday till I fly out!!! I've bought silly things like a denim mini skirt and need a second opinion as to whether (even though it fits me) it looks even remotely acceptable and I won't scare the Australian children!!

I stood on the scales this morning, so that's 5lbs gone since Monday. Very happy with that especially as I messed about a bit on Tuesday. So that's a good chunk of my Xmas Xcess gone and still a bit of time to lose a bit more before Oz.

Right, off to finish my coffee then start the chores.

Happy Saturday everyone. Keep shrinking!!!
Thelma x
Oh thelma I'm wearing mini denims loads! Go for it

Wear mine with any colour thick tights or leggings looks ok!

I'm 33 and according to my youngest 'quite old'

Thanks son!
Morning everyone! Hope you are all well and not too cold! I am in SE Cornwall, and whilst the snow has hit the bottom end of Cornwall quite bad, we are doing ok here, although they give more this weekend. Hurry up spring! :)


likes to post
morning all, here's to a good day for all of us

bling glad your colds better, I was ill over new year, a film in the warmth sounds good.

Caroline well done on getting through day 1 - good luck with easter challenge.
Lizz day 5 for me too! I don't get weighed until the 18th, the snow is getting to be a pian for me as well. It's good that I've been off school all week because of it, I dreaded driving in the snow, but I've had to walk everywhere for shopping ect, which I don't mind because I enjoy walking, but it's a bit limiting shops wise.

thelma - Australia ! is it a holiday or work? you must be excited and just think you'll be excaping all this weather.

I'm off to do some snow shifting with dh as we live on an estate and the road to our house is dreadful,


Slimming down the aisle
Ahh I think I fit into the old insomniac bracket too! Ha ok I'm not physically old, but I tell you, sometimes I feel like it! I'm definitely an insomniac though, I'm a nightmare! Though not literally, though I think I'd like the chance to have more nightmares just because it would mean sleeping more. Oh good god I ramble, sorry!!

Good luck with your weigh in Lizz, let us know how you do :)

Morning Thelma, how long are you off to Australia for? Is there any room in your suitcase for me?! It's going well so far. I've not been awake that long though so haven't had the chance for it to go wrong! Will go have my porridge in a bit. The great thing is that I have literally no food in the house because I took it all home with me before christmas because I knew I'd be starting CD again. Not even anything in the freezer. So there are some bits around which are all my housemates, so I can't eat them anyway. Makes cheating a lot less likely thankfully. Jumped on the scales and I'm almost 3lbs lighter than I was yesterday morning. While a lot of that will be natural fluctuations, I don't care, shows it's working and so worth it!

Mrsessex, are you all ready for New York!? I have a mini denim that I wear with leggings too, I think they're fine regardless of age.... unless you're like 60 odd, then I might be concerned slightly!

Pheonix, where in Cornwall are you? I love Cornwall! Apparently we're getting snow here tomorrow, I hope not though. I've got to get into uni tomorrow and Tuesday and my roads are a nightmare with snow, even now it's basically an ice rink! My brother in law was wheel spinning at 7 mph. Was crazy!

Morning Trisha! Good luck to you too, how are you finding it?

I'll probably be around on and off today. I've got to go and call around some local reptile shops and find out who has some crickets in stock. With this damned weather loads are running out and so am I!
Crickets?????? looooooooooooooooooool :D i dare not ask!

New York..well not quite ready as i normally am not packing until the actual morning im going as panicking incase my flight dont go! i know im crazy but ya never know with this weather !! so ..no..not ready lol



Slimming down the aisle
Haha yeah, I should have explained that shouldn't I!! They're not my low calorie cheat that I resort to on CD!! I've got two geckos, and they eat crickets. I wasn't too keen on the crickets at first, in fact I hated them, but I'm pretty used to them now thankfully.

Ahh I couldn't leave it til that morning, I get all worried about leaving stuff behind so I pack well in advance, have checklists and everything. Some might call it pathetic!! Hopefully everything will be A-OK for you fly out. Have you got insurance in case it isn't ok weather wise?
Hi Caroline, I'm quite near Looe on the SE coast, 10 mins from the beach but to cold in this weather! Good luck with getting to Uni, what are you studying? xxx
I have insurance but dont think it covers acts of god does it?? hmmmm dunno bout that never had exp of it before

Ohhhhh thats what the crickets are for lol! i keep dogs... x 2... think i prefer getting out chum than hunting for crickets...alot easier pmsl

thats made me giggle somewhat :D


Slimming down the aisle
Hi Caroline, I'm quite near Looe on the SE coast, 10 mins from the beach but to cold in this weather! Good luck with getting to Uni, what are you studying? xxx
Ooh I've been there, lovely! I do Event Management, I'm in my final year at last! Hoorah!! I'm determined to not graduate while fat though!

Hmm I'm not sure either, might be worth checking I guess. Would be annoying if it didn't! I think I prefer chum to crickets too personally! :D


WILL be Slim!
well im happy! on day 5 of SS and lost 10lbs!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D
Only 1st 12lbs to go to get back to my 11 stone! WHOOP WHOOP!

Enjoyed having the brave the weather and go out in the snow!



Silver Member
Lizz, that's brilliant!!!!! Well done - you're a star!

Australia is a holiday for me. Going for a month (can't believe I won't set foot in my office for the whole of February!!) so am extremely excited about it. Never been before so it's all a big adventure for me. Not as happy as I'd like to be with my fat arms, but I can cope with how the rest of me will look in shorts etc so I'll just have to content myself! lol

What's the weather like in New York Mrs E? I'm thinking it'll be pretty damn cold there too so make sure you've got thermals! How long are you going for?

T x
Thats great news Lizz ;) :D

Thelma..im so jealous of your Oz trip!!!! i been wanting to go for years but still am put off by the flight!!!!!! soooo long :( will do it next year ..maybe lol .. bet you cant wait!!!!! your gonna have loads to pack! are you ss'ing out there? or ?

Only going for 4 days to NY. Weather is actually better than here right now...can you believe that??!??!! its usually frrrreeezing there in jan..well it aint warm but we are colder haha


please try again
1L of water down so far, no packs yet


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I haven't quite decided what I'll do re Cambridge when I'm in Oz, Mrs E. My original plan was just to eat sensibly but not deprive myself of anything. But I had a tough couple of months before Christmas and that impacted on the diet so I'm not as far forward weight loss wise as I'd have liked to be. So, I'm now toying with the idea of taking some bars over (I know you should only have 1 a day but I can't see me wanting soup or porridge in that heat and I don't like the shakes) so that I can have 2 a day and a small meal at night. Was thinking that at least that way, I shouldn't do too much damage. I want to get right back into the diet when I get back as I've got 3 stones to go to get to my first proper target and I really want to get there.

Decisions, decisions. I think that if I put the bars in my suitcase there shouldn't be a problem taking them into the country? Any advice on that??

T x

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