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So alcohol is a total no no??

I ve just been trying to find some information about alcohol while on cd.
Im going aay next weekend to visit a friend and big night out planned.
Was planning on a few vodka and diet coke, but from what im reading this is a big no no?:(

Also, being new , can someone explain refeeds to me?
sorry, all these terms are pretty new.

Emma. x
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everytime I drink (im on SS) theres no harm done, I dont get drunk any faster than usual and it dosnt affect my weight loss.Hangovers a tad harder tho... But thats just me......
everytime I drink (im on SS) theres no harm done, I dont get drunk any faster than usual and it dosnt affect my weight loss.Hangovers a tad harder tho... But thats just me......
Thanks Piella!
I was scaring myself to death reading about it when i was trying to find out.lol
Although the hangover would certainly make me think twice as mine as awful normally.lol


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Please, PLEASE don't drink on CD. For every person that gets away with it, there's at least 2 that don't.

Some people lose conciousness or get very, very ill from drinking while in ketosis!!!!

There are more topics about this with people's stories in them and there's a sticky in the Cambridge forum about why alcohol is bad in ketosis.... so please read it and decide wisely..

Thanks Folks.
I will have another read through.
as much as id love to go out and have great weekend, i really dont wanna put myself in danger, after starting off so well.

Especially as i tend not to have an off switch when comes to nights out!!
I am not very good at all with drink at best of times but whilst being on ss and not eating i would only have to sniff the stuff and i would be drunk :party0016:
Its entirely up to you-if theres a tiny bit of you that dosnt feel the need to drink then just dont. I just tried it on week 3 and I think Ive had one night out a week after that. I just like not putting my social life totally on hold you see...hehe!
So I guess I cheat alot with booze but Ive never cheated once with real food-how warped!
One drink can put you over the limit if you are pulled up by the police. Interestingly you can also show a positive reading from the ketones alone.

I think at this point I should remind everyone this is the CD 100% forum. It is for those sticking to plan 100%, alcohol does not fit into this.

Here is the guidance for the forum posted by Summerskye:

100% CD Forum - what is it?
The decision we've reached as to what this forum is about/for (and I hope it pleases most of the people most of the time :)) is this:

As both the Sole Source AND Sole Source Plus programmes appear in the Cambridge Diet Sole Source Programme booklet, anyone doing either the 'old' SS or 'new' SS+ programmes are welcome to use this sub-forum.

We would also encourage those who have worked up through the plans from SS/SS+, through the stabilisation and maintenance plans (810, 1000, 1200 and 1500 cals) to share their experiences/results/successes and discuss how to do the diet as it is supposed to be done according to the CD booklets.

Any discussion of 'cheating' or 'time out' would not be encouraged on this particular forum.

Essentially it's for those who prefer NOT to cheat at all and stick to their plan (whichever one they're on) 100%.

HTH :)

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