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SO ANGRY! My blender has broken!!!

Just went to make a milkshake and the blade in my blender isn't spining around but I can hear the motor still going. I am so annoyed I could scream!

I've been off SS for a month due to personal reasons and met my new CDC on Thursday (she lives so much closer and doesn't seem to rush me in and out of our appointment) ready to start SSing again and lo and behold my blender decides to give up on me. Whats really annoyed me is that it's an Antony Worral Thompson intelligent blender made by brevile and I literally bought it the day I started CD in April, and it cost me £40! I'm sure it has a warranty but I have no idea where I've put the receipt so it looks as though I'm going to have to fork out for a new one.

This thing has been a life saver because it makes my shakes so frothy. I used my mums handblender when I went to visit and the shakes weren't half as nice.

Does anyone here use a blender? I'm looking for a cheaper one, but one that is still meant for ice crushing (one that doesn't break after 3 months would be a bonus too!). Any recommendations?
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hand blenders in asda less than £5, keep the receipt handy as they exchange them no questions asked when they break, i'm on my 3rd one and yes they crush ice.
I have a Sainsburys blender, the brushed steel effect one and it's pretty good, I have had a replacment but thats because DH tried washing the jug by pouring boiled water over the glass. (we were in our caravan hence the boiled water) Sainsburys were excellent and gave us another no questions asked. and it does crush ice too, £19.99 I think.


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Mine has done that too, it's so so annoying! Will definitely be under warranty, take it back! I was going to text you actually, in fact I will anyway!
i got a really cheap one in argos from their home basic range around £7-10 used for 6 months no problems amazing really i love adding in loads of ice:D
Hey Caroline! I have a new number- I finally got a new mobile on contract, so I'll text you in a sec on it. I would take the bugger back as I know it's def under warranty but I've lost the receipt. Gah!


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can anyone suggest how i am going to mix my shakes when i go back to work tomorrow? Ive been using my blender but have heard they taste horrible if you use the shaker :(
I cant keep taking my blender to work every day can i?


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Take it back anyway and ask for an exchange, worth a try!
I dont think shakes made using a shaker are that bad :) before i used a blender i 'shook' for weeks

Im on holiday for 2 weeks tomorrow and not taking the blender it'll be ok lol
Mine broke last night. Nightmare! Broke in a shake as well so not sure if any mucky inside of blender ended up in my food :(

I was really gutted but my lovely OH has just come to the rescue and nipped out to Argos in the rain to get a new one. Bless him!


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I used to keep a cheap blender at work saved me dragging it in every day! x


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i was thinking of doing that :)
If you bought it was a debit or credit card the store will be able to trace the transaction so you could get it replaced.
I had to do this in Currys and they got the transaction details and refunded me.

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Can someone please tell me how you can do more than one quote in one post? xx

Laura Croft

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I bought one of these type things too, bloody thing isn't that pwerful unfortunately, seemed you had to keep it near the top of the liquid, which kind of defeated the object. Hope yours is better than mine! xxxx
That's a shame. Oh well.

Can someone please tell me how you can do more than one quote in one post? xx

Hit the "+ next to the messages you want to quote then Post Reply.

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