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So annoyed over Management!

Well I went into Management last week with my counsellor knowing that I still wanted to lose another stone or so during that period. She DID tell me that it's not what that part of the programme is designed for, but some people do it and it works out fine etc, and she could appreciate that my motivation for staying on abstinence 100% was gone. So all was well and good.

Went for my first weigh in of Management last night, and I'd lost 2lbs (normally lose 3.7-4.4)... I was a bit disappointed since I'd been pretty damned careful about portion sizes etc, but my counsellor was disappointed that I'd actually LOST. She said obviously portion sizes were too small since I'd lost a bit... completely ignoring the conversation we'd had when I started.

She reiterated in the group that this wasnt for losing weight, and if we wanted to do that we'd be better off going through Management and then doing a refresher block of 4 weeks or so to get rid of the rest of the weight.

I'm SO annoyed... and now either have to keep doing it my way and lie to her (which she'll see through - I can't say I'm upping my food intake and be losing more weight), or I tell her that I want to take a break from LL for a few weeks - eat through my leftover foodpacks with a bit of added protein now and again and then start Management at week 3 in a month's time.

AGH, just wanted to vent - it's infuriating how she's changed her tune now, especially after I've paid my deposit. She's been great up until this point, but grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
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Can you talk to her about it openly & honestly she may just be having a bad week & hadnt "heard" what you were saying...hope you manage to reesolve this - v.frustrating :) Esp when youre SOOOO close & have done so incredibly well! Stunning! HAve you got before & after photos posted anywhere! I love seeing them - gives me hope!
Hi Meghan
Thats such disappointing news but well done on your 2lb loss. I think the comments above seem pretty good. There are people in my group who aren't honest with the councellor and its not really good for the relationship. Its your journey and at this stage you should be able to have an agreed plan with your LLC. Good luck with the conversation - you are so close now - I am sure she will want to continue to support you. It does seem strange that there are such differences of opinion about when you can start Management. Some won't let you start until you have a BMI of 25 or less and some will let you start when you feel you are ready. I wonder what the official line is on this? It might be worth dropping HQ an e-mail?


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I guess I must be really lucky, Meghan. I am just starting week 7 (just come back from meeting) and have lost yet again (3 lb). We talked about it and my counsellor said that, sooner or later I will probably stop losing/put on. Apparently it may be during the final 4 weeks - the trigger weeks.

She says that it is good to have a 'buffer zone' and she worked out that my maximum limit to stay below or around a BMI of 25 is 11 stone. At the moment I am 10.10.

As far as portion size is concerned, I was advised that it was up to me, but to listen to what my body wanted and stop eating when full - not to put too much on the plate (I bought a large side plate to use) and to leave food on the plate if necessary.

I wasn't even at a BMI of 25 when I started management (I think it was 27 point something). I can understand why you are frustrated though Meghan, I would be too if I got mixed messages or confusing advice.

Cake raises a good point. Perhaps you could e-mail head office and ask for clarification. If you do, let us know what they advise.

Well done on the 2 lb weight loss by the way, every bit counts!
Thanks guys... it really helps to have some rational points of view. I just hated the feeling that to keep losing the weight the way I want to I'll have to be like a naughty school child...

Im going home for my uni holidays next week, and I think unless she can agree to support me in wanting to do management and continue to lose, then I'll say Im going back on abstinence for the holidays... if she wants me to keep paying for management I will, but I'll resume from week 3 or so when Im back. If not, I (think) I'm prepared to walk away from LL - especially with all the management books and loads of extra foodpacks I have.

Will ring HQ once Ive talked to her next week as well if there isn't a good resolution.

I'm so jealous of your weight loss AJ!!! Thats amazing, given the amount you seem to be eating! It's all the right choices, obviously, but thats just incredible that your body just wants to keep shedding. Lucky thing!

I'm getting there. Stone to go now I think. We shall see I suppose. This is just starting to take longer than I wanted, with my losses slowing down lol.

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