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So annoyed with myself!

I can be such a dozy cow sometimes! I ordered tickets to go and see THe Specials way back at the end of last year....before we moved house....and they have been delivered to the old house!
I got an email telling me they had been delivered securely on Friday(how so when the house is empty?) We have contacted the agents and they say that they were at the property Friday and nothing was there :confused: Its 4 tickets worth 155 quid!
So annoyed that I didn't sort out a change of address but have mail redirection on the old place so thought it would be ok :cry:
Hubby is going to see if he can sort it today so I hope he can but I am worried that he wont be able to :( I know its not the worst thing in the wrld to happen but am so p-d off about it!
Sorry....just needed to have a moan!
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A very similar thing happened to me..........
I phoned Ticketmaster (who I bought the tickets from) they cancelled them and re-issued them. I just had to take the debit card that I bought them with and collect them from ticket office on the gig night.

It should be ok

Good Luck:)


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Check the tracking numbers if they were tracked - they may be at the post office or with an old neighbour!
If it was Ticketmaster, and it is at a venue where they scan tickets - they will re-issue them for box office collection for you!
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Send an email back & see how they were delivered securely. If they were signed for as to see a copy of the signature.

I've had tickets go missing in the passed & had no problem getting new ones.

Lets hope this has a happy ending.
Thanks peeps...its not looking good! The delivery company can provide a pic they took of the house when they delivered the tickets so we have no leg to stand on there apparently.
Hubby has spoken to the landlords of the house and they say that the tickets have not been seen there and just keep getting defensive.
And I just keep beating myself up about it cos I am such a twit for not making sure had sorted the change of address :cry:
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Have you rung where you bought the tickets from to see if they can be cancelled & re-issued?????????? I've no idea if this is possible but it's worth asking.

Failing that I'd be inclined to go to the venue & get the rascals who took the tickets.
I think it would be if they weren't standing tickets but because standing tickets are not numbered they can't do this and I wouldn't know who had had the tickets by going to the venue :wave_cry:
Thanks for your support, I know its hardly the end of the world and is my own fault really but I am a bit gutted I have been looking forward to the gig for ages ho hum!
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Ask the delivery company who signed for them and get them to provide the signature - then you'll be able to tell if it's the landlords who are lying to you or the delivery company. It seems odd to me that a delivery company would take a picture of your house, to be honest!


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Not being funny but if I knew your address then I could get a picture of your house without even leaving my own - google earth!

I'd want to see actual proof if delivery (signature), and then if delivered incorrectly (ie to the wrong name, address etc), I'd be inclined to pursue the claim further.

Also if you've paid by credit card, you can do an indemnity claim!
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Get the signature checked - if it is the landlord, contact them and threaten to sue them for fraud (as didn't have their name on the envelope and are attempting to use the tickets fraudulently) should scare them enough to give the tickets back.
And if you'd paid by credit card, the credit card company can refund your money.


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Hey, little rich girl, where did you go wrong?

Sorry, that was [email protected]!:eek:

Three facts.

Delivery companies do now take photographs as proof of delivery.

Therefore there'd have been no signature.

You can claim from your card company if it was a credit card transaction.

I'm assuming they were paid for by card if they were sold over the phone, not sure of the debit card ruling though?
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Omg I didn't know delivery people took photos of your house. That's so wrong!! It doesn't prove anything!

I would write a letter to the letting agent and landlord saying you will be taking things further as you know the tickets were delivered and it's fraud to open and use someone else's mail. But if you've got a redirection in place it shouldn't have been delivered at all so you can now have a claim with the mail company!

Good luck xx

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Thanks for all the replies.
Unfortunately it seems that because
a. the delivery company could provide a pic of the house it proves they delivered them(wtf!!??)
b. they are standing tickets so can't be replaced
c. the landlords agents met with hubby at the house to check for tickets and they are not there
d. I haven't got a credit card so therefore paid on debit card and can't claim there
e. I'm a twit and didn't change address
f. mail redirection only applies to royal mail companies
etc etc
I have no tickets and won't be going to the gig I have been looking forward to since last November!
Lesson learnt...maybe...this time....


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Bloomin' heck, I never knew that they could just take a picture of your house as proof of delivery!
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That is absolutely crazy. In what world is a photo of your house proof of delivery? I'm not sure what to suggest - but if I were you I'd definitely write to Watchdog about it!


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Can i ask what the name of the delivery company is? A close friend of mine is a solicitor and his opinion is that the company would get laughed out of court for using a photograph as proof of delivery! xx
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