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so annoyed

I more or less just need to rant for a minute, I don't think my problem can be solved but here goes:

In the country where I currently reside there are just a few CD centres and only 1 even remotely near my home, so I am stuck with my CDC (well, as it has turned out it's plural - CDCs). The centre falls under a 'beauty centre' where they offer laser procedures and the like and it would seem that CD was just their effort to expand the business. That said, the initial woman, I mean for my first consultation, seemed alright but it was obvious that everything she said was completely by rote. After that first time I never saw her again, and now they have hired on some giggly 20yr olds who (1) have never weighed more than 95lbs in their lives - sopping wet and holding 2 bowling balls, and (2) have memorised their 'lines' and fakey smiles of 'encouragement' at my losses to the point where I feel I need to hit them over the head with something, and I get my products and hurry out of there as fast as I can.

I am not exaggerating people, these girls have 21-23" waists and hips of very nearly the same measurement. My HIP BONES sans flesh are wider than their hips and at the moment I'm sure that one of my flattened out thighs, whilst sitting, is bigger than their waist. Don't get me wrong, I really don't care that they look this way and honestly, I'd never ever want to be that rail thin but my point is that according to the CWP website CDCs are meant to be people with experience of being overweight.

Since starting in May, not once has anyone from the centre contacted me to see how I'm getting on, it really is obvious that cambridge is just a money-making addition to their 'real' business of cosmetic procedures.

OK, rant over. Thank god I found this website, where I've found real support when I've needed it!

Hope everyone is doing well and moving in on their goal!:p
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I think it depends on what you want from a CDC I just want a quick weigh in and buy my products....but I can see your point about confidence - how do you expect to get that from the girls so young.

Keep up the weight loss - your doing it for you!
Gawd - that would bug me too!

I have the opposite situation - my CDC said she'd fallen off the wagon and has put on 2 stone but was planning to restart soon :eek: Wasn't what I was expecting to hear from a counsellor but she was very friendly.


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Woah - that sounds like torture! Good job we're here, eh? ;) You've done so well...I guess you'll just have to finish the programme abd become a CDC yourself!
Thanks for commiserating! And yes, I have started considering the possibility of becoming a CDC once I finish the programme :) Sadly, the local website points me to contacting this very 'centre' if I'm interested in becoming one :(

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lol You are joking!
Are they even qualified?


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oh crap. But you are doing wonderfully. My CDC is not the best either but I don't have any other so I'm seeking support somewhere else, like here for instance. But if I were you and if you feel the energy to do it; I would ask to meet the manager of the place and tell him about my observations. Which country do you live in ?
I wish I were kidding! I know there is some training process but I've no idea what it entails - it seems that the main manager person had the 'official' training, but really, she didn't even take my measurements at the start (or since) and it seemed the bulk of her training was that she had a medical questionnaire to see if I was in the category of people not allowed to do CD. I know legislation varies from country to country in the EU, so I suppose I can't find fault there. Also, I know they do SOME sort of training because last time I was left waiting for about 15 min whilst the giggly girls were apparently learning how to plaster on that fakey smile. But apart from the 'good job' and pats on the back, they have no interest whatsoever to hear about my good or bad days or if I'm having problems sticking with it, just all the things I would assume a CDC would invite me to discuss. I'm not sure when they last translated and printed the booklets but they also appear to be outdated (based on new information posted here).

Oh well. As I said, it isn't as though I have the option of choosing a new CDC. I'll continue the programme right through to the end and at that point I might consider contacting CWP thru the UK website expressing my concerns and inquiring about the possibilities of becoming a CDC.

Thanks all! :)
Something you could try, if it's bothering you so bad! Is... Buy a months supply of products in one go and arrange your next weigh in in a months time and then do your own home weigh ins during the month and then contact Cambridge about your concerns, as any questions u may have am sure u will find a answer on here
Yes, I schedule myself for every 3 weeks. I'm certain I'll live thru it but as WI is coming up I've been dreading it :)



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Hi hunni,

sounds like its a real chore going to get weighed, im one of the lucky few who resents all skinny people lol so that would drive me nuts! id want to hit them with mars bars every time i saw them!

it seems theres not alot you can do to change your situation, so instead you need to change how you feel about it or you will be miserable and not embrace how well you are doing!!

See your weigh ins as training for when you become a CDC, note all the things that you dislike about your own weigh in experiences and do the absolute opposite for any clients you may have in the future, use your rubbish experiences in a positive way, and vow that you will never have to go back to these people for help and support again as once you are finished losing weight, you will never put it back on!


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