so annoyed!!!


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last night i ordered kebab, with no intention of cheating i ordered a shish with no pitta and lettuce and cabbage innocent enough

the kebab arrives and turns out I ordered doner, I ordered one for my sister so i must have said it by accident. I soooooo didnt wanna eat it but it was no 9.30 and we had no food in so i had to eat it. I hated every mouthful so only had 3/4 of it but how do i work out the syns for it? Im gonna have to work so hard the next couple of days to get rid of it, i wouldnt mind but i hadnt had the inclination to cheat at all lol grrrrrrrr
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Is so very nearly there!
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Did you have the pitta?

If not the meat is 12.5 syns from what I have read on here b4??


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and even if u had the pitta its only 20 syns which is ionly 5 over if u had no other syns.
don't worry aboutlike my cons said one meal isn't gonna ruin your week. carry on as normal and i'm sure u will be fine


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I have a doner kebab twice a week and my losses have been fine. I have a large doner without pitta bread and I used 12.5 syns for the meat and 2 syns for extra light mayo. Even if you have gone over 15 syns, just cut back a few syns today and you will be fine xx


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I must admit a dona would most definitely satisfy me over any other takeaway.
I am going to wait tho until i actually do crave one...
I love burger sauce tho do you know the syn values?xxx

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it use to be free..............doner i wouldn't beat yaself up....i'd just count the pitta.......i have them and never count the meat as syns..........


I ate my willpower!
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I must admit, some weeks I have had 3 large doners and I have lost 3 and 4lbs each time :D I make sure I blot the meat from any grease tho!


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yum i need one now lol...
i must admit i normally blot the grease out anyway.
so it used to be free, why's that changed then?
im definitely gonna have one 2moro night now after wi