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SO B****y angry!! Grrr....

I probably shouldn't be and I know people are going to tell me to ignore it but I just can't! I've been doing exante for 4 weeks now, the first 3 weeks were fab then last week, due to totm and having a bad cold I sort of came off plan a bit, anyway, I have maintained which I'm pleased about but trying REALLY hard to get back on track and stay there as it's only 18 weeks until my wedding.....my O/H knows how hard I'm finding it to get bk on track so what's he done today?...rather than buying healthy food (he's supposed to be getting healthy too) he's bought himself 2 packets of hobnobs, a pepperoni pizza, doritos and dips and beer! I just feel really alone today with this and I know I shouldn't but I do. I even moved away from him just now whilst he sists there scoffing and he came into the kitchen said "sorry for not supporting" then topped his dish up with doritos and walked off! GRRRR
Also, we want another baby next year and before we can try, I really need to get to a healthy weight as suffered with pregnancy diabetes with the first and will NOT let it happen again...O/H said he wants to loseweight so he can be a healthy day etc but he's doing nothing about it and it just seems like it's all me trying to lose weight, trying to be strong and all I want is a bit of support from him. I know he wants another baby as much as I do but I've told him it's not fair to expect me to do this on my own and until we've BOTH lost weight, we're not going to even try...still, he carried on as usual.

So sorry to come on here and moan but I don't know what else to do as no-one understands what this is like when it gets really hard.
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It's good to get things off your chest. You need to keep reminding yourself of the reasons why you doing this. Your oh will soon " kick in" when he sees you doing well.
A wedding and a new baby are the biggest things you do in your life. Good on you for wanting uk start this journey healthily.

You could stop his conjugal rights til he starts supporting and watching his own lifestyle !!!!
Has this got anything to do with watching the footie?
Keep going. I agree that when he sees results he will join in and hopefully support you x
Thanks folks, I do hope you're right about him getting into it soon as he really does need to too for his own health. I've lost over a stone this month and dropped a dress size and it's not inspired him at all. LOL has nothing to do with the footie, it's just a usual Saturday evening for him (us up until a month ago). I've been ok for the past few weeks, it's just really annoyed me this time. Now I'm over it though and I'm so pleased all I had was one dorito! I will wake up tomorrow morning feeling so proud of myself! :D

Why do men have to be such pigs eh!?!


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well done for staying so strong! I'm not sure i could have handled that to be honest with you, you did a great job :). Keep going ;)
My OH sits eating pizza etc in front of me but it doesn't really bother me now. I know that pizza etc isn't going to make me slim and i want to be slim. I think i've managed to tune food out now. It's been so long since I've eaten anything other than my Exante stuff that i just don't notice.

Have you told him how you feel? x
I'm usually like that too....doesn't bother me, I even cook it for him! Not sure why it did last night but I'm over it now! :D
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I'm usually like that too....doesn't bother me, I even cok it for him! Not sure why it did last night but I'm over it now! :D
whoa, too much information there, BB! ;)

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