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Extra Easy So close to giving up!

I'm really struggling, I'm finding it really hard with thinking of what to eat everyday!
I just can't think of easy meals to make. Also when I'm on a day out I haven't a clue what I can have for lunch quickly, I mean when I'm in town or a day trip somewhere.
I'm getting fed up of always getting a headache because I'm so hungry! An always eating past 8pm.
I've got a 5 month old so I havent time to be in the kitchen. Also I'm so tired to even think of what to eat.
Please can I have some ideas of what to eat meals,snacks everything really!
Im so close to giving up!!! :( xx
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Hi ya, I find that you really need to plan your meals in advance. I do mine on a sunday and then shop on a monday. I have a chart up on the kitchen cupboard and it has what i am having for lunch and dinner and pudding each day ( breakfast is always the same - Porridge and fruit with drizzle of honey)
But if i come in starving and there is no plan i'll end up wandering round looking for something and trying to think that i'll end up getting the quickest which is normally non SW!!
Some people have said 'but i might not fancy whats on the list for that day' but for me thats not a problem, if its on the list its something i like and i love food and am always hungry so will eat what ever i have allocated for the day.
I have the luxury of being at home between jobs every lunch so can cook a 'proper' lunch each day.
But on days when i know i'll be out, like competing ( i ride horses) i plan a SW packed lunch. I then teach late most week day nights so cook the meal at lunch and then just warm up later. but it all takes planning.
most of my meals are pretty quick to get on the table, the ones that are more time consuming i play with on a day off.
Have a look at my recipe thread for ideas ( *honeys recipes - a sticky on the recipe forum)


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My diet largely consists of easy cooking! I do either red or green as I like Weetabix in morning and bread at lunch.

2 Weetabix with milk then some mullerlight yog with fruit

cheese on toast with a salad (red or green)
a pizza made using a wholemeal pitta bread, tomato puree, 42g low fat cheese, sliced tomatoes and salad (red or green)
Low Fat super noodles mixed with frozen veg and soy sauce (green)
Pasta n sauce with salad or veg (green)
Mug shot (green)
Sardines on toast (red)
Fish or meat sandwich with salad (red)
Bacon, mushrooms and tomatoes on toast (red)


Jacket potato with cottage cheese and beans (green)
Instant mash, quorn sausages and beans (green)
Pasta n sauce with veg, salad, jacket potato (green)
Veg Curry (Asda chick pea dahl is free) with rice (green)
Iceland beef in gravy with veg (red)
Gammon steak with mushrooms and tomatoes (red)
Fish in a parcel (spray foil in frylight, add fish and wrap in parcel, cook for about 15 mins) with veg (red)

I hope these have given you a few ideas!!

Eating out... Take fruit and mullers with you, you can also make rice or pasta salad, or homemade soup in a flask. Or a jacket potato is usually always available! In Mcdonalds I have a chicken nugget happy meal but replace the fries with a fruit bag and have a diet coke. On a red or EE day this works out as only 6 syns!!

Oh and eggs are always really easy for quick meals, but I can't eat them as I'm allergic :0(

Don't give up, I know it's hard with a little one! xx

silly sausage

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Hiya Sharlet

My granny had 10 children so was never out of the kitchen lol

If you do decide to chuck the plan, what is the alternative? What kinds of things will you eat and how will it affect your weight? I would worry about that :(

The others above have suggested some ideas. Planning seems to be the key. Good luck :)


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If i have to nip into town and havent had brekkie (naughty i know) I grab a banana (or 2) and have a red day, that way when i am out i can buy precooked chicken or proper ham and balance it on the hood of the buggy and munch on that - there seems to be a sainsburys or tesco extra on every corner in Brighton at the mo!

Also, grab from home or out and about a bottle of water or diet coke. Could be thirst - or this could just keep you filled a bit till you get somewhere you can have food.

Whilst walking around town think about what u could have for the rest of your red day.... One pot fry up? - WW sausages (1/2 syn each), bacon, pork steak, beef steak, fried eggs, mushrooms, onion wedges.

Oh and dont worry bout eating past 8pm. Theres no time limit to SW. Enjoy. ;)



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It's easier in that you don't have to have the 1/3 superfree and you can have two of each HEx's.


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hi sharlet

on red and green plans you can have 2 a's and 2 b's

so can be easier

cathie x
You dont have to have 1/3 superfree, but on green any meat is either synned or a HEB and on red any rice, pasta or spuds is synned or HEB x


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Hi sharlet on red days you cant have carbs i.e pasta, rice and pulses/beans unless you syn them or use them as a Healthy extra and on green days you can have carbs but you cant have meat unless you syn it or use your Healthy extras for it i think i'm right if not hopefully someone will correct me. good luck try to stick with it im going out to visit a castle tomorrow and taking a picinic of
salad bags
boiled eggs
low fat supernoodles (in a tupperware pot)
HEB-cereal bars
sw rice pudding


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The reason I've always stuck with green/red is that you can use 1 each of Hex A & B to make a cheese sandwich. Its always quick and easy, and I can take it for lunch at work ( half hour break is rubbish if you have to cook/reheat anything). You still have another a and b for later in the day (or milk and alpens in my case)

Sorry you're finding it tough hon

hollys nan

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Must admit I am a red/green girl. Dont like veg very much so struggled with ee for 2 weeks then decided to go down the red/green route. Suits me much better, I usually do about 5 days red, then 2 days green. And the extra HEs are nice too.


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I have found red and green easier, I did try EE but as I like bread for lunch I was struggling for breakfast.

Why don't you write down 2 breakfast choices and 5 each of lunch and dinner options that you can produce quickly and go from there xx


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Try things like cous cous, cooked sliced chicken and veggies (takes LITERALLY 5mins). I have that most lunches as I have a half hour lunch, or I have microed veggies (like a steam baggie) and microed fish. :)

You can do stuff like that as snacks too, when you need to eat somthing relatively quickly...


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Take a look at the food diary section - very helpful for when u are stuck on ideas and we all do a variety of EE red & green.

Its difficult when u have a little one, but if u can get into a routine of looking after yourself as well as bubs, its easier and u will feel happier.

Good luck - we are all here if you need help


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Also, make batches of food and freeze for when u havent got the time / cant be bothered to cook. :))

hollys nan

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Yes and soups are excellent for filling you up and if you do a batch and stick them in the freezer, jobs a good 'un.

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