So Cold. I want to Eat


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Your head needs to be in the right place. If you fight against it, you will be miserable. You need to be able to accept the diet in a positive way.


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Try having a warm chocolate shake or a nice hot soup, always helps to warm me through.
If you stick it out for a couple more weeks you can buy the vegetable water flavouring which you can have with hot water and its like soup but hardly any carbs so you can have a couple through out the day to help keep you warm too.

Don't give up xx


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the problem is that when our bodies use carbs for energy (glucogenesis) that creates a thermic reaction. The use of fat via ketosis doesn't generate this heat. You do get more used to it - and it really, to me at least, is a small price to pay for all the weight I've lost in such a short time.


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I'm practically living in my dressing gown but I find having a shake hot (choc mint is gorgeous) makes me feel toasty xx


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Ooo not thought of making a hot chocolate from a tetra, the powdered shakes are a bit you just give it a quick burst in the microwave?

Betty It;s so cold and wet today :( try having a nice hot bath x


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Thanks for yr support girls. I stood with it and am proud of me x